Dallas Shooter Upset About 'Black Lives Matter,' Wanted to 'Kill White People'

Chris Menahan
Jul. 08, 2016

Finally, the truth has come out.

From Paul Joseph Watson:
Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the prime suspect behind the sniper attack on police officers last night was a 'Black Lives Matter' sympathizer who "wanted to kill white people".

Speaking to reporters just moments ago, Brown stated, "The suspect said he was upset about 'Black Lives Matter', he said he was upset about the recent police shootings."

Gunman ID'ed as Micah X. Johnson
"The suspect said he was upset at white people, the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers, the suspect said that we will eventually find the IEDs."

Brown went on to relate how the suspect claims he is not affiliated with any groups and that he carried out the attack alone.

The anti-white media and democrat establishment have succeeded in stirring up a race war and getting random cops murdered by lionizing career criminals as innocent victims.

They're doing the same now with their anti-Trump coverage trying to push some low-grade moron to assassinate Trump to "prevent the next Hitler."

This is full-on war being waged against us by a hostile elite who wants to destroy this country from within.

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