Why is Google Censoring Search Terms to Hide Elizabeth Warren's Past Scandals?

Why is Google Censoring The Search Term "Elizabeth Warren Native American" & More?
Chris Menahan

May. 09, 2016

Why is Google actively censoring relevant search terms for Elizabeth Warren to hide her past scandals?

Reddit user Chief_Ballout discovered yesterday the popular search term "Elizabeth Warren Native American" is no longer being Auto-Completed during a Google search.

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This is not the only term being censored, multiple search terms referencing her phony minority status claims as well as her plagiarism scandal have been purged.

Here's a collection of the most popular search terms for Elizabeth Warren in 2012 from an article titled, "Elizabeth Warren's Google problem."

All the terms are negative, the article noted this could hurt Warren's reputation, yet it appears Google quietly fixed this little "problem" for her.

Warren's old, relevant, and highly embarrassing auto-complete results from 2012.

Searches for any of these terms today are now blocked, none of them will auto-complete, the results are being censored in the same way as searches for torrents, illegal content, and illicit pornography.

The issue is absolutely not one of search volume.

A search for "Elizabeth Warren na" shows the following results:

Navient is the first auto-completed term, yet it doesn't even register on Google Trends.

"Elizabeth Warren Native American" on the other hand does register and is actually spiking like crazy.

It's also the second recommended auto-complete term on Bing.

Google can pick up spiking terms and auto-complete them within hours, yet here we get nothing.

This evidence is clear: these highly relevant, heavily searched terms are being actively censored as though they're recommendations for illegal content or illicit pornography.

Warren is currently attacking Trump daily on Twitter and it's being suggested she could be Hillary's pick for Vice President.

Google's censorship is absolutely scandalous and could potentially influence the election.

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