Swedish Girl Shows Idiocy of Trans-Everythingism

Chris Menahan
May. 03, 2016

In this video out of Sweden, a young Swedish blonde demonstrates the idiocy of the idea you can pick your gender based off how you feel.

Hanna Lindholm asked students at Södertörn University last week how they would react if she said she were a man.

"I would say good for you if you want to be a man," one girl responded.

A young man said, "I would say, OK great!"

Then she asks how would they react if she said she was Japanese?

Over 6 feet tall?

7 years old?

A cat?

Incidentally, for some reason pesky facts start getting in the way. They've accepted the transgender brainwashing, but not trans-ageism or trans-speciesism.

Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute of Washington made the same video earlier this month called "College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Identity."

In his experiment which took place at the University of Washington, liberal college students actually agreed with him and said it would be fine if he decided he was a 7-year-old Chinese female.

Canadian Paul Wolscht decided after 23-years of marriage and having seven children he was a 6-year-old girl and started going by the name "Stefonknee," his bizarre story was chronicled in a positive light all over TV last year.

Once you start denying reality, there's no limit to what level of lunacy people will accept, so long as it's portrayed as "socially acceptable" by the media and those who insist on living in reality are scorned, anything can be made "politically correct" and any reality can be denied.

This is why it's so important people speak the truth about these issues and not be afraid of being slandered in response.

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