Shock Video: Cop Upholds Constitution, Prevents Detained Citizens from Being Searched & Accosted

By Mike Sawyer
The Free Thought Project
Jul. 10, 2015

A video from the 4th of July was uploaded to Facebook this week and is quickly going viral. The reason it’s going so viral is that it appears to show a police officer being particularly adamant about upholding the rights of citizens.

In the brief video, it appears that two security guards were either detaining and/or about to search people. According to the officer, the people were simply on their own property watching fireworks and did not deserve to be harassed.

"There is a constitution that I swear an oath to, so don't freaking mess with it with these citizens. Do you understand me? I know you aren't subjected to the constitution when it comes to your job, but don't mess with it," says the cop, shockingly.

“They have a right to their property. They have a right not to be searched by anybody. They have a right not to be accosted,” he goes on.

“I swore an oath to the constitution, don’t mess with it,” says the cop as he walks away. The video then ends.

Witnessing a police officer vehemently assert the rights of citizens is quite heartening. It also appears that the officer did so without knowing he was on camera which means this was probably not a publicity stunt.

We’ve been scouring for sources on this video for 24 hours and have come up empty handed. We’d like to present this video in its entirety and in full context. So, if anyone has any information on where this took place or who this officer is, please contact us. 

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