"Stop Resisting" Cop Yells After Kneeing Complaint Cuffed Man In Stomach So Hard He Ruptured His Spleen

Chris | InformationLiberation
Feb. 24, 2015

"Stop resisting, asshole!"

Those were the words uttered by Orlando police officer Peter Delio, after kneeing a non-resisting handcuffed suspect in the stomach so hard he rupturing his spleen.

As this newly released video shows, the only "resistance" 40-year-old Robert Liese could have put up was the resistance his abdominal muscles showed when faced with an unprovoked pounding.

Officer Delio had already cost the city $15,000 in a previous settlement after illegally seizing a man's cell phone for videotaping an arrest.

Evidently, he was given a "second chance" and not fired for his misconduct.

Now, he's the subject of another lawsuit seeking over $75,000 in damages for excessive force and civil rights violations.

Watch a video report on the assault courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel:

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