Second Video Surfaces Of Boston Police Ordering Families Out Of Their Homes At Gunpoint

Chris | InformationLiberation
Apr. 23, 2013

If you had any questions whether the first video showing police ripping a family from their home and treating them like terrorists was unique or par for the course, this video should assuage all doubts.

This videos shows definitively Boston police did in fact order families out of their homes at gunpoint and has interviews with the victims, which include families with small children.

While the victims describe being "terrified," many of them wrongheadedly believe it was being done for their own good and supported the police's actions in retrospective.

Of course, it wouldn't matter if they were against the polices' rights violations as it wasn't up to them whether their home was raided, they were subjects of the state and nothing more.

It should be noted none of this police state pageantry did anything to help find the suspects, it was tips from private citizens which led police to the suspected killers.
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