Busted: Fox News Caught Faking CPAC Booing Reaction to Ron Paul Win

Feb. 15, 2011

Fox News has just been caught red handed using footage from 2010 where Ron Paul was booed at CPAC and misrepresenting it as footage from 2011, where he was actually cheered! You can see the real 2011 video for yourself at the end of the video!

Description from YouTube:

Basically what Fox did in an interview with Dr. Ron Paul that I had posted earlier is take the straw poll announcement from CPAC 2010 where Mitt Romney supporters loudly booed the announcement of Paul's win and used that footage and represented it as the straw poll announcement of 2011 CPAC.

Not surprised they would stoop this low but still makes me sick none the less.

More discussion on the Ron Paul Forums!

"I was at both CPACs, and I KNOW for a fact that the video Fox used this morning of the crowd's reaction to Ron Paul winning the straw poll was from 2010.

That was when all the Paul supporters couldn't get inside the main ballroom because it was already filled to capacity, which is why you heard more boos than cheers.

Unbelievable, but this should not surprise ANYONE."
- Freshjiva, RonPaulForums

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