New Video Game where players 'fight FOR the new world order'

EA Games
Nov. 24, 2005

The popular video game Battlefield2 has a new expansion pack called "Special Forces" coming out soon. When the game comes out on November 22nd, players can look forward to fighting FOR the new world order! From the EA Games description:
Special Forces lead the way in the secret war for control of the world's most strategic locations. The first Expansion Pack* to Battlefield 2 takes all-out modern warfare behind the scenes for the battles you don't see on the nightly news. Become an elite soldier or insurgent in intense online battles as you unleash the latest weaponry on land, in the air, and at sea. With authentic Special Forces firearms, a full arsenal of technologically advanced gadgets, and night-fighting stealth tactics, the covert armies give you even more weapons in your fight for the new world order.

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