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Article posted Dec 17 2011, 12:47 AM Category: Commentary Source: YouTube Print

If China Attacks America (JUST IMAGINE)

A superb advertisement for Ron Paul from RevolutionPAC.
Imagine for a moment that somewhere in the middle of Texas there was a large foreign military base, say Chinese or Russian. Imagine that thousands of armed foreign troops were constantly patrolling American streets in military vehicles. Imagine they were here under the auspices of "keeping us safe" or "promoting democracy" or "protecting their strategic interests."

Imagine that they operated outside of US law, and that the Constitution did not apply to them. Imagine that every now and then they made mistakes or acted on bad information and accidentally killed or terrorized innocent Americans, including women and children, most of the time with little to no repercussions or consequences. Imagine that they set up checkpoints on our soil and routinely searched and ransacked entire neighborhoods of homes. Imagine if Americans were fearful of these foreign troops, and overwhelmingly thought America would be better off without their presence.

Imagine if some Americans were so angry about them being in Texas that they actually joined together to fight them off, in defense of our soil and sovereignty, because leadership in government refused or were unable to do so. Imagine that those Americans were labeled terrorists or insurgents for their defensive actions, and routinely killed, or captured and tortured by the foreign troops on our land. Imagine that the occupiers' attitude was that if they just killed enough Americans, the resistance would stop, but instead, for every American killed, ten more would take up arms against them, resulting in perpetual bloodshed. Imagine if most of the citizens of the foreign land also wanted these troops to return home. Imagine if they elected a leader who promised to bring them home and put an end to this horror.

Imagine if that leader changed his mind once he took office.

The reality is that our military presence on foreign soil is as offensive to the people that live there as armed Chinese troops would be if they were stationed in Texas. We would not stand for it here, but we have had a globe-straddling empire and a very intrusive foreign policy for decades that incites a lot of hatred and resentment towards us.

According to our own CIA, our meddling in the Middle East was the prime motivation for the horrific attacks on 9/11. But instead of re-evaluating our foreign policy, we have simply escalated it. We had a right to go after those responsible for 9/11, to be sure, but why do so many Americans feel as if we have a right to a military presence in some 160 countries when we wouldn't stand for even one foreign base on our soil, for any reason? These are not embassies, mind you, these are military installations. The new administration is not materially changing anything about this. Shuffling troops around and playing with semantics does not accomplish the goals of the American people, who simply want our men and women to come home. 50,000 troops left behind in Iraq is not conducive to peace any more than 50,000 Russian soldiers would be in the United States.

Shutting down military bases and ceasing to deal with other nations with threats and violence is not isolationism. It is the opposite. Opening ourselves up to friendship, honest trade and diplomacy is the foreign policy of peace and prosperity. It is the only foreign policy that will not bankrupt us in short order, as our current actions most definitely will. I share the disappointment of the American people in the foreign policy rhetoric coming from the administration. The sad thing is, our foreign policy WILL change eventually, as Rome's did, when all budgetary and monetary tricks to fund it are exhausted.
Imagine!: speech written & given by Ron Paul
should you be a US citizen in support of Ron Paul:

Obviously Ron Paul for the speech
Voice & Music: Jeremy Hoop
Video animation: Nicholas Bozman & MysteryBox.

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Posted: Dec 19 2011, 11:24 AM

marketing brand ron paul is a tough job, in my view he fell at the first hurdle over 9/11.

politics is a military structure, the home guard being the civil service whose job it is to protect their minister no matter their political colour. hence it is that the reality was presented in fiction as 'yes minister'. with other religions there are long range scripts but the church of gov is subject to regular revolutions and changes of script which are presented publicly as elections and manifestos. in the military you are supposed to support the rank, the same goes for gov except the bullets are in the form of words for public politics is the realm of semantics, a key player in the field of semantics being noam chomsky.

the civil service is like other armies a robot army, religion changed along with the face of who is providing the public performance, the performance often a case of pretending to argue with fellow spooks in the media, e.g. like 'jeremy paxman' at the bbc.

protection of the minister is the role of the civil service, in the UK (i refer to the company rather than the location) the semantic environment is the theatre where political actors present their words. it is about what are referred to as 'bull points and elephant traps.' bull points are those flag waving moments, a sucessful sale. the elephant traps being great f*king holes with spikes at the bottom, ie the minister caught in a blunder and perhaps being shredded by the bbc.

semantec environment is about words. i suspect each day fewer people are fooled by the politicians that use them.

Posted: Dec 20 2011, 11:00 AM

a new perspective on the british chemtrail program

it was released in film form that the 'american' army met the 'chinese' army in vietnam, chinese people having been conquered by a drugs war, american people being conquered by a drugs war based on the vietnam war and with american special forces creating that war. it was perhaps only a few years ago that i was posting on the british police being busy creating new china.

<Furthermore, with the joint British-French siege of Beijing during October 1860, the British completed the process of opening up all of China. Lord Palmerston, the High Priest of the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry, had returned to the prime ministership in June 1859 to launch a second war and fullfil the "open China" policy he had outlined twenty years earlier.

Like the 1840 invasion of Canton, the Second Opium War was an act of British imperial aggression - launched on the basis of the first flimsly pretext that occurred. Just prior to his ordering of a northern campaign against Beijing (which permitted the British to maintain uninterrupted opium-trafficking even while a state of war was under way), Lord Palmerston wrote to his close collaborator Foreign Secretary Lord John Russell (grandfather and guardian of the evil Lord Bertrand Russell). "We must in some way or other make the Chinese repent of the outrage," wrote Palmerston, referring to the defeat suffered by a joine British-French expeditionary force at Taka Forts in June 1859. The expeditionary fleet, acton on orders to seize the forts, had run aground in the mud-bogged harbor ... Following Palmerston's lead, The Times of London let loose a bloodcurdling propaganda campaign:
"England, with France, or England without France if necessary ... shall teach a lesson to these perfidious hordes that the name of Europe will hereafter be a passport of fear ... - Dope Inc>

Posted: Dec 20 2011, 11:13 AM

union jack flying high on drugs

<Plantation cotton, of the Southern states of the United States, was not merely a facet of the same trading operation that produced the dope trade; for all purposes it was the dope trade.

Opium was the final stage in the demand cycle for British-finacned slave-produced cotton. British firms brought cotton to Liverpool. From there, it was spun and worked up in cloth in the mills in the north of England, employing unskilled child and female labor at extremely low wages. The finished cotton goods were then exported to India, in a process that destroyed the existing cloth industry, causing widespread privation. India paid for its imported cloth (and railway cars to carry the cloth, and other British goods) with the proceeds of Bengali opium exports to China.

Without the "final demand" of Chinese opium sales, the entire world structure of British trade would have collapsed.

It is around the slave production and transport of cotton that Britain gathered allies in the United States into the orbit of the East India Company's opium trade cycle. The southern cotton and slave trade were run to a significant degree by the same Scottish-based families that also ran the opium trade in the Orient. The Sutherland familily, which was one of the largest cotton and opium traders in the South, was first cousin to the Matheson familily of Jardine Matheson. ... John Jacob Astor became the first "American" to make his fortune in Chinese opium sales. - Dope inc.>

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