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Analysis posted Oct 11 2010, 2:43 AM Category: Politics/Corruption Source: InformationLiberation Print

Federal Judge Known for Stiff Drug Sentences Caught Buying Drugs for Prostitute

Chris | InformationLiberation

In a story which couldn't possibly be any more quaint, a federal judge who "built a reputation for handing out stiff sentences, including for drug convictions," was reportedly caught by the FBI in an undercover sting buying drugs for his prostitute stripper girlfriend.

The Associated Press reports:
ATLANTA — A 67-year-old federal judge's wild relationship with a stripper started with a lap dance, prosecutors said, and quickly escalated into escapades of prostitution and gun-toting drug deals for cocaine and prescription pills.


Camp, a Vietnam War veteran who was appointed by Ronald Reagan, built a reputation for handing out stiff sentences, including for drug convictions. He could face years behind bars on drug and gun charges. The judge's attorney has said he intends to plead not guilty.

The stripper, who previously had a felony drug trafficking conviction, had been secretly working with the FBI since the spring to build a case against the judge. In exchange, prosecutors pledged not to charge her.

Camp's relationship with the dancer, who was not identified in court documents, began earlier this year. A day after receiving his first dance, he returned to the Goldrush Showbar for more dances, and added sex and cocaine to his tab, authorities said.

Over the next few months, the two used cocaine and other drugs together, sometimes at the strip club, and the judge would pay $40 to $50 to join her getting high, according to a sworn statement.
So, theoretically, this alleged coke-head judge, who during his day job was sentencing people to rot in a cage for non-violent drug offenses, as soon as he got off from work went to the local strip club to snort cocaine and pay strippers for sex. Will the courts be as stiff with him with their drug sentences? Will they make him rot in a cage for years for his paying for prostitutes?

Don't bet on it.

While reports suggest some of the cases which he ruled over may have grounds to have their cases reexamined, this Atlanta Journal-Constitution report says they're basically screwed:
Froelich and other defense lawyers debated whether Camp’s arrest could open the door to court challenges from defendants convicted under the judge.

Parker, the former federal prosecutor, said Camp’s arrest “provides the opportunity” for a convicted felon to bring back a case.

Motions might cite “that the court was impaired or the court was addicted,” Parker said.

Cases where the defendant pleaded guilty would have no chance, Parker said, and other cases might lack merit for consideration.

“You would have to have some evidence,” Parker said. “You can’t just attach newspaper clippings.”

Froelich said, a defendant “would have to show Judge Camp was in league with one of the witnesses or ruling for the government because the government had something against him.”

One of Camp’s defense attorneys, Bill Morrison, said he doubted that the charges against the judge could prove fertile ground for appeals. While prisoners and jail-house lawyers may well file appeals, even “ingenious” defense lawyers would have a hard time making a persuasive case, he said.
So, that the judge who sentences you to jail for your cocaine use was himself a coke-head, is apparently irrelevant to our glorious arbiters of "justice."

The real crime here is that this judge, and thousands of others just like him, are throwing hundreds of thousands of non-violent, non-criminals, in jail for non-crimes in which there is no victim.

UPDATE: He pled guilty.
Chris runs the website He thinks people shouldn't be thrown in cages for non-violent, non-crimes. You can read more of his commentary here.

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Posted: Oct 11 2010, 10:15 AM

8235 I think all drugs should be legalised, but I wouldn't describe all drug use as victimless, People addicted to drugs are victims of idiot laws passed by scumbag morally corrupt corporate arse-licking polititions(ok, not all of them, just 90%+), making it harder for them to seek help with their problem.
Jo Dean

Posted: Oct 11 2010, 10:57 AM

71122 Is anyone actually surprised by this? Just another example of our kangaroo court system at its finest lol

Posted: Oct 11 2010, 12:57 PM

contradiction is of significance in how people are controlled, doublethink being the mind control system chosen together with the outward and inward presentation of big brother. i was in a meeting today with someone from what presented as the inner party. there were loads of cameras around, they weren't there to watch me but to watch him. likely he was told it was for his protection, likely he knew this was a lie.

the public tend to be given trauma based mind control. trauma i read was from greek meaning physical injury. doctors have come to recognise shock, how the trauma kills when seemingly the injury isn't life threatening. courts do not recognise psyops, they have to deny this fact as it is what their craft is based on.

the inner party programming of doublethink isn't based on the trauma mind split, the illogic is derived on the contradictions people operate with. the operators are led to believe they are always being watched, tested, that the slightest deviation will give them away. this as if there was some insurmountable power in an emperor that doesn't exist. the climate creates self censureship, that people live in a projection of a script until it becomes instinctive to know what is goodthink which is really to be blind, to be nuts.

i was friendly, continuous and intense eye contact was maintained throughout. there were fluctuations i was able to invoke but his eyes did not give the game away except that they were dead eyes as he projected the view of the party so his eyes were disconnected from his true self.
i talked to his conscious, he couldn't ignore that, but like a video put up here of hazel blears, doublethink means anything deviating from the script is averted.

the trickery of tavistock, brainbusting at its best or worst depending how one views these things. i was talking with an unhuman human, something they have done to whole populations. freedom, not the illusion of it is very different than this.

Posted: Oct 11 2010, 1:03 PM

17436 God I love stories like this!

Posted: Oct 11 2010, 1:14 PM

stories tend to have a life of their own, i hope people check with their own life experience rather than seeing someone else's views (opinion/hearsay). if they do their own thinking their blindness is gone. i had a witness with me and not a passive one. he said to the chap similar to:
'there is a virtual veil you are talking through, actually it is a real veil and you are hiding behind it.' he said to me afterwards things like 'it's a universal contract, tear up the contract', 'the whole f*king thing has to be pulled down'.

Posted: Oct 11 2010, 1:35 PM

91213 The article says he's married w/ children too, classy guy.

Posted: Oct 11 2010, 8:02 PM

753 I see. He enjoyed what he denied others.

Posted: Oct 11 2010, 11:17 PM

201251 What a naive view of politics, Chris! All of a sudden you believe the FBI? Maybe this judge is guilty as charged, but let's face it--America, the entire operation--is a criminal syndicate. So,, the real question is: What did this judge do for the people, or to defy the bankers, to make the bankers go after him? In other words, why him, and not all the other government criminals? I've never heard of him, but I guarantee you this: Dig into his past, and you'll find out that he did something that the bankers DID NOT LIKE. Once you understand this, you'll begin to really understand how the system works! Good luck.

Posted: Oct 12 2010, 6:48 AM

likely if you phoned up the court to validate information you would hear something like: 'this call is being recorded for training [1], security [2] and for legal [3] purposes.

1. training so that the political operator always has the upper hand if you find your way through the obstructions.
2. security of the prison company and its state front
3. egal means equal, legal making sure that there is an innequality of arms.

as for the story, public side this works for the yaboo game, some will support the judge, some will say 'oh my, this is terrible' and the two groups fight each other. internally that squable re-enforces control. propaganda has done immense harm, emotional reactions are specifically targeted and the focus here is a false context. the presentation of the american government is of a monopoly front engaging in war and incarceration of populations the world over wholesale using terrorist methods (media hit or puff pieces included). to work for a company specialising in terrorism has implications, in the circumstances for everyone. camp was a terrorist for the company in vietnam, control systems manipulate people into positions where they do go round shooting villagers. one chap is spoke to was given that order and he refused, he was thrown out. had he accepted all orders without question he would perhaps now be a judge.

training is for combat, security is for the protection racket and law and enforcement is what they hide behind and attack with. if one exposes the hidden reality that would set this chap free from artificial restraint by the media. if i was interested in him i would want to talk to him not to what presents as a hit piece by the fbi in the allied press.

the fbi and media are career liars, that is what they are there for. as for 'judge', to be such a person he would have to be impartial (egal). he is employed by the government, a terrorist organisation, a political institution which is used for what it can get way with. the involvement of someone in this case on civil rights is part of the same racket, civil rights is the basis of government. i prefer humanity, some of it is in all of us.

if we all reacted as was intended we would be heading for 'final battle'. instead people are asking questions, as the government only deny people do their own thinking. that dismantles the prison, even panopticons like britain.

Posted: Oct 12 2010, 7:25 AM

To Anon 201251, of course it's possible the FBI set him up, I didn't think it was likely because this is how the government operates, they're all criminals, that they happen to clash with one another is par for the course, just look at how all these nefarious agencies have their little turf wars, CIA vs FBI, Army vs Navy, they all squabble with themselves and we're better off for it, god forbid they ever unite and actually do their jobs, we'd all be in gulags.

As to the judge, I wouldn't jail him over the prostitution nor the drugs, both are non-crimes and irrelevant. But for the irreparable crime of putting innocent people in jail for non-crimes, he deserves to rot in a cage forever.

Posted: Oct 12 2010, 7:30 AM

control and widescale conspiracy is achieved using key operatives and comparmentalisation. when analysing black operations by the US state i couldn't fail to notice clear patterns emerging, ex military people being the active agents of the black operations embedded throughout state agencies. busted, tried and tested people who exhibit loyalty rather than sense. i don't expect covert operatives to uninvent themselves but if people explore the wider context this also leads to focus on covert activities whereby immense damage is caused by the trusted few against people who challenge the political agenda.

Posted: Oct 12 2010, 8:08 AM

<But for the irreparable crime of putting innocent people in jail for non-crimes, he deserves to rot in a cage forever. - chris>

it is belief perhaps that the public would react like that which serves to maintain the prison. for such reasons people deny reality, accept the altered reality and are thus manipulated. people's lives have been so f*ked up, have histories that people are frightened of their own lives, of reality, won't even look. the abuse is systemic, psychopaths are created for maintenance of control. i count myself lucky but i suspect everyone can be broken, i just haven't been through that s*t.

closing the courts would happen by exposing reality. people are paid lots of money to do nasty things. i was in court recently, after i said something foundational about the whole set up the man the public are encouraged to call a judge swivelled his chair sideways and said out loud to himself as if thinking for the first time: 'in that case we all have a conflict of interest'. yes they do, there can be no legitimate trial in america or britain. normally in crown court the prosecution tells the judge what to do, the defense stiches up the defendant but we had on that day a man behind the bench in britain thinking, actually speaking the truth.

'caged' was frequently a headline in 'the sun' (contradiction) newspaper (top circulation in britain). it was used to create mob mentality, what democracy is intended for. it was terrorism, an assault on everyone.

judges are paid well in britain to compensate for the harm they do to people and therefore themselves. he who pays the piper calls the tune. in britain by official account the government includes the bank of england and the high street banks. that is a defensive profile, standard military thinking, control the resources. thought is a natural resource, one can choose not to surrender that.

Posted: Oct 12 2010, 1:58 PM

Agreed, it's utterly deplorable. I'm just waiting for the state to collapse in on itself like the soviet union. I don't know how long that will take in Britain, the way things are going here I'd give it just a few years.

Posted: Oct 13 2010, 5:32 AM

just as greenspan came back from the fed to the bank of england we now have philip green doing the corporate scavanging of the british government. i wouldn't give britain years, it is converging on imminent.

i have met those in the occult mafia who glorify in destruction of people rather than face the contradiction their lives are. as an organised network such a mind state is a threat. to wake people up, traumatise and decimate humankind as a whole that they accept a new society is an old game recycled. i think it helps avert this by talking about it.

i am a passionate man chris, i can laugh, cry and scream on the same day. despite and in part because of the soul sucker systems here on earth i have a life which is my own. i see the brain busting b*llsh*t that fires out of sky and the bbc, people are sleep walking through an artilliery range in their own homes. i see this as nuts, government as intolerable nuts but i see this with a sight, foresight and hindsight which at the conscious level is new to me.

Posted: Oct 13 2010, 5:37 AM

i should have said sir philip green perhaps, knighted for sabotage, someone who was running marks and spencers alongside mi5 when that retail chain trading on quality became a waste basket.

counter intel agents
they work night and knight
the world they live in
is to keep you in fright

they used to be caught
in cover ups of need
now they are caught
in advance of the deed

witnesses a plenty
some they do kill
they lie to themselves
for the folks on the hill

jean charles de menezes
007 shots to the head
brazil taken over
a son full of lead

we live
we die
sometimes telling the truth
is the reason why

licenced to kill
life is a game
they kill to repeat it
and pass on the blame

Posted: Oct 13 2010, 5:46 AM

Yeah, well on the bright side at least people are more awake than ever. Did you see this clip of Brzezinski?

What's heartening is to see, how with the internet taking over and the summation of the individual actions of everyone on it, truth is winning out rather than lies.

The masses are not idiot dupes as they would like everyone to believe, instead they've got a well of common sense and though they don't know the full extent of the corruption they detest everyone involved.

It's interesting seeing on Yahoo! News the comments, sort practically any political article you click on by "highest rated comment," it's people haranguing the state and the comments are voted up at a ratio of about 8 to 1. It wasn't like this just a few years ago, I think the tides have turned and there is no going back.

Posted: Oct 13 2010, 7:53 AM

i just watched the brzezinski video, i think of him as mr zero kelvin.

the internet is the unsung success story. when i was kidnapped and thrown in jail on return to britain it provided a very simple model of life. a chap who had been in there some time said something like 'people realise sooner or later that the way to get on here is to pretend you are stupid'. in the wider world, much is pretense, for the same reasons people pretend they are stupid, so much so and for so long some do not know they are not stupid. the internet has changed that, it is freedom in the making.

the internet provided views on the world outside of the blinkered subtext people were living in. this judge issue on its own is like a flake off the elephant's skin, the elephant is coming into view, there is a reality calibration in progress. the mafia enterprise of state is far from immune to this. as i see it despite creating higher offices, regional fronts like the eu, un, nato etc trying to protect the historical cons with new bigger cons having run out of territory it has nowhere further to go other than a new world. the internet has helped people see if they wanted to what has really been going on, freezing the new world order and 'new age' skew in the headlights while true history catches up.

history has propelled us all into positions of existance to some extent. when people can see things as they are and why they can make decisions based on their reality.

Posted: Oct 13 2010, 2:43 PM


Posted: Oct 13 2010, 3:15 PM

12997 my favourite piece of hypocrisy was when the bloated booze hound Bill Bennett was drug czar - focusing on the vicious best marijuana while swiling $40 a shot Scotch.

Aliens would laugh.

Posted: Oct 13 2010, 3:25 PM

108106 Well, it's a racket. In my county in Georgia, the courts haul them in and run them straight into jail. Hell, they run this racket all over the country, in conjunction with "law enforcement" terror tactics. 1st, CIA FBI NSA are bringing the dope in, and distributing it through their multiple gangs, spread out over the country, get individuals addicted, send them to jail, then prison for slave labor. Look at all the new private prisons springing up and contracting with corporations to manufacture "goods" at a very promising 25 cents an hour for the inmates that are lucky enough to get a job. IT'S A RACKET.
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