'He Left A Trail of Bodies On The Ground': David French Bashes Kyle Rittenhouse And Pushes For An End to Open Carry

Chris Menahan
Nov. 16, 2021

Conservative writer David "Drag Queen Story Hour Is A Blessing Of Liberty" French on Tuesday weighed into the Kyle Rittenhouse saga by bashing him as "no hero" and pushing for an end to open carry laws.

From David French in The Atlantic, "Kyle Rittenhouse Is No Hero":
As the Kyle Rittenhouse trial comes to a close, two things are becoming clear at once. First, absolutely no one should be surprised if Rittenhouse is acquitted on the most serious charges against him. And second, regardless of the outcome of the trial, the Trumpist right is wrongly creating a folk hero out of Rittenhouse. For millions he's become a positive symbol, a young man of action who stepped up when the police (allegedly) stepped aside.

The trial itself has not gone well for the prosecution, for reasons that relate to the nature of self-defense claims. Such claims are not assessed by means of sweeping inquiries into the wisdom of the actions that put the shooter into a dangerous place in a dangerous time. Instead, they produce a narrow inquiry into the events immediately preceding the shooting. The law allows even a foolish man to defend himself, even if his own foolishness put him in harm's way.

[...] When you turn a foolish young man into a hero, you'll see more foolish young men try to emulate his example. And although the state should not permit rioters to run rampant in America's streets, random groups of armed Americans are utterly incapable of imposing order themselves, and any effort to do so can lead to greater death and carnage.

In fact, that's exactly what happened in Rittenhouse's case. He didn't impose order. He didn't stop a riot. He left a trail of bodies on the ground, and two of the people he shot were acting on the belief that Rittenhouse himself was an active shooter. He had, after all, just killed a man.
The Kenosha riots only happened because the police did step aside and they stopped immediately after Rittenhouse's actions.

As a reminder, French defended Israel gunning down Palestinians en masse for approaching their border during the Great March of Return.

If Kyle was in Israel he could open carry and gun down Palestinians on the other side of the border with French rushing to his defense but here in America he's condemned for trying to defend his own neighborhood from a mob of violent rioters.

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