Happy Real Independence Day!

Chris Menahan
Jul. 04, 2021

I hope everyone enjoyed our real Independence Day after suffering the embarrassment that was our establishment's fake new one!

Here on the east coast, every year for the past four or five years there seems to be more fireworks going off than ever. Last year was spectacular and broke records but this year was pretty solid too as everyone shot off all they got over about an hour and a half rather than over three hours as happened last year.

There were apparently issues with supply this year due to covid supply chain disruptions and last year's record demand emptying our reserves.

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Planning to set off fireworks at home? After record sales last year, vendors are struggling to meet demand":
After so many Fourth of July celebrations were canceled last summer because of COVID, demand for sparklers, cherry bombs, bottle rockets and more sophisticated amateur fireworks hit a record high.

Now there's a problem this summer: A shortage of fireworks in the United States.

[...] Although sales are fairly concentrated into a tight time period around Independence Day, vendors buy year-round and try to have a buffer if demand is high. Last year, many vendors sold out early and depleted that buffer that would normally have rolled over into 2021. In addition, the supply chain this year hasn't recovered from the pandemic.

Phantom Fireworks, the leading fireworks retailer in the country, has several locations in Wisconsin, including one in Racine that serves the Milwaukee area. The company had a 48% increase in sales of fireworks cases from 2019 to 2020.

William Weimer, vice president of Phantom Fireworks, said this year has been difficult due to logistical issues. Fireworks, most of which are imported from China, are still getting shipped out. But there are a host of "inefficiencies," he said, in getting them to specific locations. One of his containers was off-loaded from a boat on April 14, but is still sitting in a U.S. port, waiting for truck transport.

The company expects to receive only 70% of what it ordered from China this year, even though it normally receives 100%.

Luckily, Weimer said, the company ordered more than a year’s supply due to the high demand last year. He said he does not anticipate locations running out, but some may have less variation or options for products.

He also said the shortage has led the company to increase prices for products on average about 15% to 25%.
Demand was still strong.

From WGAL, "Fireworks sales booming ahead of Fourth of July weekend":
After a year with not much bang, fireworks sales are booming as we enter the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Shops that sell consumer-grade fireworks are packed.

Jamie Bair, of York County, was checking out the shelves at Sky King Fireworks. He told News 8 how much money he plans to spend.

"Maybe a hundred," he said.

Fireworks can be expensive. Some of the mortars are close to $300, and it's not uncommon for some customers to spend more than $1,000 or even several thousand. There is also an 18% tax for the big stuff.
Salon last year blamed MAGApedes for the record surge.

With libtard cities choosing to host only Gay Pride and Juneteenth parades and electing to cancel their July 4th parades and fireworks, just waving the American flag and celebrating July 4th is now an act of rebellion.

Though our society is becoming more divided than ever, less free than ever and we're living under occupation, there's a comradery growing among the oppressed which is a beautiful sight to behold.

Happy Independence Day!

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