Trump Stages Triumphant Return, Media Seethes

Chris Menahan
Oct. 06, 2020

President Trump is back and ready to liberate America from the tyranny of the corona lockdowns.

Trump returned to the White House in dramatic fashion yesterday and said it's time to move on from living in constant fear of the coronavirus:
I just left Walter Reed Medical Center, and it's really something very special. The doctors, the nurses, the first responders, and I learned so much about coronavirus. One thing that's for certain, don't let it dominate you. Don't be afraid of it. You're going to beat it. We have the best medical equipment. We have the best medicines all developed recently, and you're going to beat it. I went ... I didn't feel so good. And two days ago, I could have left two days ago. Two days ago, I felt great. Like, better than I have in a long time. I said just recently ... better than 20 years ago. Don't let it dominate. Don't let it take over your lives. Don't let that happen.

We have the greatest country in the world. We're going back. We're going back to work. We're going to be out front. As your leader, I had to do that. I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it. I stood out front. I led. Nobody that's a leader would not do what I did. And I know there's a risk. There's a danger. But that's okay, and now I'm better. Maybe I'm immune. I don't know. But don't let it dominate your lives. Get out there. Be careful. We have the best medicines in the world, and they're all happened very shortly, and they're all getting approved. And the vaccines are coming momentarily. Thank you very much. And Walter Reed, what a group of people. Thank you very much.
Meanwhile, Biden around the same time was pushing fear and calling for a nationwide mask mandate, or as he now calls it, "guidelines."

The scientists in Sweden and the Netherlands say telling people wearing pieces of cotton on your face will protect them from viruses is entirely unproven and gives folks a false sense of security.

Biden, of course, doesn't even follow his own rules.

Democrat Jaime Harrison brought his own plexiglass shield to his debate with Lindsey Graham over the weekend and Kamala Harris says she wants to do the same on Wednesday when she debates Mike Pence.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins and the rest of the crew over at Jeff Zucker's network threw a fit over Trump taking off his mask after returning to the White House:

You may remember Collins as the female reporter filmed ripping her mask off as soon as she thought the cameras stopped rolling during a White House press briefing in May.

MSNBC made Trump's dramatic return even more epic by calling it a "Mussolini moment":

How could anyone take these clowns seriously?

The controlled media want to keep everyone in a constant state of fear so they're glued to their televisions and soaking up their propaganda like a sponge.

Never forget that while every network from CNN to MSNBC and even Fox News have been trashing Trump for four years the one time he got overwhelmingly positive coverage from the entire media was when he broke his campaign promises and bombed Syria (fortunately, it was a limited strike).

The tone of coverage was overwhelmingly positive for his Tomahawk missile strike on Syria, which happened during the 12th week of his presidency.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria, with Chris Cuomo by his side, said of the strike: "I think that Donald Trump became president of the United States."

If Trump was busy adding troops to Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, bombing Iran to help our "allies" in the Middle East and threatening war with Russia they'd be heaping praise on him as we speak.

Instead, Trump's first order of businesses after taking office was giving Putin the go-ahead to "bomb the hell out of ISIS" in Syria (which Putin did immediately to huge success).

In July 2019, Trump cancelled an Obama-era CIA program that armed ISIS-aligned terrorists in Syria.

It just so happens ISIS collapsed shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, that has made a lot of neocons very angry.

Hacks like Thomas Friedman at the New York Times explicitly attacked Trump in April 2017 for fighting ISIS.

Friedman wrote a column titled, "Why Is Trump Fighting ISIS In Syria?"

In the column, he said Trump should leave the terror network alone and "should let ISIS be Assad's, Iran's, Hezbollah's and Russia's headache."

These are the people who lecture us about morality and try to define "who we are" as a nation.

The controlled media views ISIS more positively than President Trump. As we've seen over the past few days, they're furious Trump hasn't died from the coronavirus.

These are sick, twisted, evil people. As Trump stated so eloquently, they're "the enemy of the people."

If the media's utter contempt and outright hatred for our President doesn't demonstrate that he's the real deal and worth supporting, I don't know what will!

Our entire establishment has thrown everything at Trump and sacrificed all their credibility and legitimacy in a bid to oust him from power, we need to fight to make sure he stays on the throne.

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