Adult Male Filmed Assaulting Macy's Employee Tried As 'Youthful Trainee'; Claim Victim Said N-Word Admitted To Be A Lie

Chris Menahan
Aug. 13, 2020

The black male who was filmed by his brother assaulting a white Macy's employee in Flint, Michigan is being sentenced as a "youthful trainee" by state prosecutors despite being a grown a** man and may just get probation.

Is this the "systemic racism" we hear so much about?

From MLive:
An 18-year-old man told a Genesee County District Court judge Wednesday morning that his brother lied to him about the use of a racial slur by an employee at a store inside the Genesee Valley Center in Flint Township.

At a Wednesday, Aug. 12, preliminary examination before Genesee District Judge Jennifer J. Manley, Damire C. Palmer, of Mt. Morris Township, testified his brother told him the employee inside the Macy's store had used a slur after being asked a question about clothing.

"The statement that (my brother) made was untrue and I swung on him for no reason," said Palmer, of hitting the employee multiple times on July 15.
That's the most obvious lie I've ever heard but the underlings of Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton are just running with it because racism.
When asked by Genesee County Assistant Prosecutor Patrick McCombs why his brother would lie to him, Palmer responded: "I wouldn't know. I honestly wouldn't."

"But you took your brother at his word, right?" asked McCombs.

"Yes, I did," Palmer said.

When asked by McCombs if the assault that injured the store employee was over the alleged use of the racial slur, Palmer said yes.

[...] In speaking with the victim, McCombs told the court that Palmer would be sentenced under the Holmes Youthful Training Act, which could lead to probation on a lesser charge of aggravated assault after completion of any programming order by a circuit court judge.
That's all they needed to hear.

They'll let people off for murder if they just claim their victim said the n-word.

As we've seen in this case and many others, perpetrators of privilege these days just reflexively claim they were called the n-word as a matter of routine.

"He pleaded guilty in court to a single count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine," MLive reported.

[CORRECTION: He's being charged as a "youthful trainee," which is similar but not as lenient as being charged as a juvenile. As he's reportedly being sentenced under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act he's looking at mere probation "on a lesser charge of aggravated assault," according to MLive.]

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