Seattle: African Immigrants Flying Flag of Terrorist Separatist Group Beat White Man in The Street

Chris Menahan
Jul. 28, 2020

Viral video out of Seattle shows a mob of African immigrants assaulting a white man in the street while screaming racial epithets and proudly flying the flag of the terrorist separatist group the Oromo Liberation Front.

The mob is seen swarming the man -- outnumbering him around 7 to 1 -- and punching him repeatedly and kicking him while he's on the ground as shocked onlookers scream in horror.

The woman who filmed the incident is heard shouting at the top of her lungs to try and get the mob to stop and saying: "They're beating him! He's a white boy! They're beating him!"

Video of the attack appears to have first surfaced on Friday.

Another group of Oromo protesters were filmed cursing America and shouting, "F**k the silent majority!"

The assault was completely ignored by the media and was only picked up by the Ethiopian site Borkena which opposes the Oromo separatist movement.

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