Bryan Caplan's Case For Open Borders Takes A Strange Twist...

Chris Menahan
Nov. 24, 2019

George Mason University professor and open borders advocate Bryan Caplan dropped this gem in a recent article...

Caplan writes:
Under open borders, the high-IQ share of the population shrinks. Due to this fall in relative supply of high-IQ workers, we should expect the market reward for IQ to rise. By how much? Consider South Africa. 80% of its citizens are black, 9% white, 9% mixed, and 2% Asian. White IQs far exceed black IQs. If Garett’s results for the private benefits of IQ were constant, we’d still expect tiny racial earnings gaps. Yet almost three decades after the end of apartheid, white earnings in South Africa far exceed black earnings; the average white makes about 500% more than the average black, and 250% more than the national average. If you do the math, a private payoff in this ballpark implies that open borders is no “sacrifice” for natives. Instead, like every other previous massive increase in human productivity, open borders is a widely-shared bonanza. Just as my new book says.
Imaging thinking telling people "our future will be like South Africa" is a convincing argument.

If a conservative professor made the same arguments as Caplan discussing IQ differences they'd be hounded out of their jobs and declared persona non grata -- just look at what happened to Amy Wax!

Caplan's statement is remarkably similar to a widely-panned article from Eric Posner and Glen Weyl in Politico last year titled, "What If You Could Get Your Own Immigrant?"

They too tried to appeal to folks' greed to argue importing a new slave class will make us all fabulously wealthy.

We're all supposed to be champing at the bit to become modern-day slave masters!

In reality, we've already seen open borders is not working out the way our ruling class promised. Rather than create a "bonanza" for all, in the past four or so decades we've seen a tiny cadre of elites become fabulously wealthy exploiting cheap foreign labor while the masses have seen their wages stagnate and income inequality explode.

Our country has become increasingly tribalized and our politics have become more polarized.

As The Hill reported in October, a Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service poll found "the average American voter believes the U.S. is two-thirds of the way to the 'edge of a civil war.'"

More and more people are realizing that everything we were told about the wonders of open borders by economics professors like Caplan was a lie.

Spoon-feeding us cartoon bull***t about how "open borders are a trillion-dollar idea" and suggesting were all going to get rich off a new form of indenture is not going to turn back the tide.

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