Foreign Policy: 'Open Borders Are A Trillion-Dollar Idea'

Chris Menahan
Nov. 03, 2019

Throwing open our borders to unlimited third-world immigration will bring us fabulous riches, so says economist Bryan Caplan in Foreign Policy.

From Foreign Policy, "Open Borders Are a Trillion-Dollar Idea," subheadline, "Tearing down all barriers to migration isn't crazy -- it's an opportunity for a global boom.":
Critics of immigration often hyperbolically accuse their opponents of favoring open borders—a world where all nationalities are free to live and work in any nation they like. For most, that’s an unfair label: They want more visas for high-skilled workers, family reunification, or refugees—not the end of immigration restrictions. In my case, however, this accusation is no overstatement. I think that free trade in labor is a massive missed opportunity. Open borders are not only just but the most promising shortcut to global prosperity.

To see the massive missed opportunity of which I speak, consider the migration of a low-skilled Haitian from Port-au-Prince to Miami. In Haiti, he would earn about $1,000 per year. In Miami, he could easily earn $25,000 per year. How is such upward mobility possible? Simply put: Human beings are much more productive in Florida than in Haiti—thanks to better government policies, better management, better technology, and much more. The main reason Haitians suffer in poverty is not because they are from Haiti but because they are in Haiti. If you were stuck in Haiti, you, too, would probably be destitute.
America's magic dirt is what made us the richest country in the world!

Haiti's dirt is not as magical, therefore the country is one of the poorest in the world (due to no fault of their own).

If we just bring the population of the entire third-world into America, everyone can become fabulously wealthy!

I can think of *literally* no downsides, thanks Mr. Caplan!

All that said, isn't it horribly bigoted to suggest Haitians would rather live in America than their own country?

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