Ben Shapiro Was So Afraid Of Being Groyped That He Groyped Himself

Chris Menahan
Nov. 08, 2019

Ben Shapiro dedicated around two-thirds of his much-hyped speech at Stanford on Thursday night to attacking Catholic conservative commentator Nick Fuentes (who he refused to name) and bashing the "groyper army" to try and preempt any of their hard questions.

No doubt the majority of the people in attendance, tons of whom identified themselves as leftists by a show of hands, had no idea what he was even talking about!

His whole speech came across as a carbon copy of Hillary Clinton's disastrous 2016 "alt-right" speech in Reno, but instead of denouncing Donald Trump, Shapiro tried to claim he's the real Trumpist (even though he was NeverTrump to the bitter end) while Fuentes (who actually backed Trump) and the young conservatives who are asking Conservatism Inc. hard questions are a basket of deplorables -- or as Shapiro put it, "trolls" who are "masturbating losers who live in [their] mother's basement."

In an attempt to preempt hard questions from groypers, Shapiro ran through a bunch of questions they might ask.

In doing so, Shapiro retconned history to claim he never "attacked" the Covington Catholic kids, which is a total lie, and insisted he was actually their greatest ally.

Speaking of being attacked by great allies, Shapiro claimed shortly thereafter that Israel didn't intentionally attack the USS Liberty and suggested Americans should get over the "incident" because it is "52 years old."

After spending a huge chunk of his speech addressing the groypers' potential questions, he ended up only taking questions from fans and liberals -- so all his attacks were for naught!

You dun Groyped yourself, Ben!

Fuentes responded to the attacks on Twitter in a series of tweets and retweets, most of which I've embedded below:

Fuentes responded to Shapiro in a spicy live-stream on DLive:

Shapiro's attacks are going to backfire on him just like Hillary Clinton's attacks backfired on her.

The comments on YouTube were overwhelmingly negative:

Critics of our criminal ruling class and controlled opposition shills like Ben Shapiro (who has had secret meetings with Mark Zuckerberg to promote his billionaire-funded propaganda site while all his legitimate opposition is being systematically censored) have legitimate grievances. Simply smearing all the critics (and victims) of prog-globalism as "trolls" and "masturbating losers" instead of "deplorables" is not going to make these issues go away.

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