#LoveIsLove Crowd Outraged Actor Dennis Quaid Engaged to Woman 39 Years His Junior

Chris Menahan
Oct. 21, 2019

If 65-year-old Dennis Quaid was marrying a 26-year-old man the media and the Twitterati would be celebrating, tweeting #LoveIsLove and attacking any and all "intolerant bigots" who frown upon their relationship.

As Quaid is engaged to a woman, there's instead mass outrage.

All these people describe themselves as "feminists" or members of "The Resistance" and the like in their profiles:

If Quaid was transitioning into a woman he'd be getting universal praise from the media/Twitterati.

Same goes for if he was transitioning one of his sons into a girl.

If this story was about a 65-year-old female movie star marrying a 26-year-old man these same people would be shouting, "You go girl!"

The propaganda only goes one way.

[Header image by Charlie Llewellin]

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