WashPo: Trump Spent 'Significant Portion' Of Dorsey Meeting Complaining About Losing Twitter Followers

Chris Menahan
Apr. 24, 2019

This strikes me as entirely plausible.

From The Washington Post:
President Donald Trump on Tuesday met privately with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a huddle at the White House between one of the site's most prolific users and an executive who's faced criticism for the way Twitter has handled the president's tweets.

The meeting comes as Trump continues to attack the tech industry, threatening to regulate Facebook, Google and Twitter out of concern that they censor conservatives online - allegations that those companies deny. Hours before sitting down with Dorsey, Trump had singled out Twitter for playing "political games" with his nearly 60 million followers.

A significant portion of the meeting focused on Trump's concerns that Twitter quietly, and deliberately, has limited or removed some of his followers, according to a person with direct knowledge of the conversation who requested anonymity because it was private. Trump said he had heard from fellow conservatives who had lost followers for unclear reasons as well.

But Twitter long has explained that follower figures fluctuate as the company takes action to remove fraudulent spam accounts. In the meeting, Dorsey stressed that point, noting that even he had lost followers as part of Twitter's work to enforce its policies, according to the source.
Does anyone even doubt this at this point?

Donald Trump does not understand how the internet works and no one who does appears to have been at this meeting (on his side).

Before the meeting, Trump was complaining on Twitter that the issue with their site is it's "hard to sign on" and they're "constantly taking people off list."

He also seemingly complained about not having over 100 million followers:

Trump really should have invited Tim Pool to this meeting to act on his behalf. At the very least, invite Brad Parscale or Donald Trump Jr.

The issue, Mr. President, is the entire tech industry is not only censoring your supporters by banning them from the public square but also shutting down their bank accounts and their PayPal accounts for wrong-think.

Google reengineered their entire site from a tool which gave you access to billions of websites to a walled garden which gives you results from around 300 establishment fake news sites (which is mostly just CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post). They did the same with YouTube.

This algorithmic purge of all alt-media was the modern-day equivalent of burning down the Library of Alexandria.

Speaking of book burning, Jeff Bezos has also been rapidly expanding Amazon's list of banned books to include a whole host of new thought criminals.

Trump seems to be just flailing in the wind at this point and acting as nothing more than a PR agent for President Kushner.

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