Tulsi Gabbard Ad Slams 'Interventionist Regime-Change Wars'

Chris Menahan
Jan. 25, 2019

This is why the establishment hates Tulsi Gabbard with a passion.

Even though Gabbard checks all the Democrats "diversity" check boxes -- she's a woman, she's non-white, she's young -- they act like she doesn't exist and when they do discuss her it's only to smear her as a foreign agent of Assad or Putin.

High quality:

This is a really, really good ad, even though the beginning is obviously pie in the sky nonsense considering the media is 100% dedicated to fomenting hatred against white people as the Covington Catholic story showed.

If you haven't already seen it, no-talent, know-nothing, NYT hack Bari Weiss making an ass out of herself while attempting to smear Gabbard is one of the funniest clips of the year:

This self-own from the Jacobian Mag in 2017 was similarly hilarious:

Gabbard is by far the most threatening challenge to Trump and she represents the greatest threat to the establishment out of anyone in the Democratic Party. I would love to see her and Trump in a debate and depending on how her positions evolve I may even consider voting for her.

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