Poll: Democrats Against Pulling Troops Out Of Syria, Afghanistan

Chris Menahan
Jan. 11, 2019

A new poll from Morning Consult/Politico found the majority of Democrats are against President Trump's move to pull out of Syria and also oppose Trump pulling half our troops out of Afghanistan.

On the flip side, Republicans overwhelmingly favor both pulling out of Syria and drawing down troops from Afghanistan.

[*Note: Military households is actually 55%/35%.]

On the religious front, non-evangelical Catholics were the most supportive of pulling out of Syria (64%/24%) while Jews were the most opposed (34%/52%).

Though "conservative" Erick Erickson suggested last month that our soldiers were ready to stage a coup to overthrow president Trump in order to keep the war in Syria going, the poll found military households were also overwhelmingly in favor of ending the war (55%/35%).

As I reported earlier this week, over the past two years neocons have begun shifting over to the Democratic Party.

MSBNC's Ari Melber recently hailed "woke Bill Kristol":

MSNBC also recently celebrated that the "military-industrial complex is now run by women" -- as well as the CIA.

The Democratic Party has become the party of war.

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