Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement: Trump to Get 2nd Supreme Court Pick

Chris Menahan
Jun. 27, 2018

It's happening!

From CNBC:
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire from the highest U.S. court, giving President Donald Trump another chance to fundamentally reshape the top of the judiciary.

In a letter to Trump dated Wednesday, Kennedy said he would step down.
"For a member of the legal profession, it is the highest of honors to serve on this Court," he wrote. "Please permit me by this letter to express my profound gratitude for having had the privilege to seek in each case how best to know, interpret and defend the Constitution and the laws that must always conform to its mandates and promises.

The president's first nominee to the court, conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch, has already had an enormous effect on U.S. policy in rulings this week related to Trump's ban on travel from certain countries, abortion and labor unions.
Libs are on suicide watch!

Please Mr. Trump, appoint a right-wing activist judge and not another "principled" conservative like Neil Gorsuch who is too principled for his own good.

The leftist radicals on the court invented a "right for terrorists to immigrate to America" with their insane stance on the travel ban, we need a right-wing judge like Scalia who understands the threats America is facing and will give the left hell.

Trump could still get another two Supreme Court picks.

Ginsburg is extremely old and struggles to speak:

Sotomayor has Type 1 diabetes and is frequently being hospitalized.

If Trump manages to put four right-wing patriots on the court we could see a century of liberal activist rulings completely wiped away!

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