Rachel Maddow "Cries" Over Migrant Detention Centers

Chris Menahan
Jun. 20, 2018

How stupid does one have to be to believe this BS? Not one actual tear was even shed!

This is embarrassingly bad acting, especially considering this is her job!

Notice how shes asks her crew to cut away so she can get a break from her terrible acting but they weren't ready so she just dropped the act for a second and kept going?

Here's a newsflash for the reality-tv-believing-tier morons who are buying into this: crying involves actual tears.

She didn't shed a single tear.

I guess thinking of Trump's election night wasn't enough to motivate her all these years later!

It sure would be nice if she could muster up some fake tears for the Americans permanently separated from their families by "child" MS-13 gang members!

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