Salon: Cut Off Friends And Family If They Support Trump

Chris Menahan
Jun. 17, 2018

Trump derangement syndrome is reaching ever new heights.

Salon's Chauncey DeVega says leftists should cut off friends and family if they support President Trump -- who he believes is a dictator creating concentration camps for children in order to ethnically cleanse America of non-whites.

From Salon:
In this nefarious plan, children are to be separated from their families. These children are then to be sent to warehouses on military bases. It has even been proposed that thousands of children are to be put in prison camps — which have been dishonestly and benignly described by the Trump administration as "tent cities." It would seem that Trump's pardoning of former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio — a man who bragged about running a "concentration camp" — was a signal of bigger plans. MSNBC reports that migrant children separated from their parents are currently "effectively being incarcerated" in a detention center in a former Walmart in Texas.

Trump and Sessions' and the Republican Party's assault on the human rights and dignity of nonwhite immigrants and refugees has already turned lethal. Marco Antonio Munoz, a Honduran man seeking sanctuary, killed himself after having his child taken away from him. A 19-year-old named Manuel Antonio Cano-Pacheco was killed in Mexico after being deported by ICE enforcers.

This is part of a larger strategy of "soft" ethnic cleansing where the ultimate goal is to prevent the United States from becoming a "majority minority" country.

Of course, separating children from their parents is not new in America. It was a horror afflicted on black people who were owned for centuries as human property. Native American children and young adults were also taken from their families and sent away to schools such as Dartmouth in order to be "whitened" as a means of committing cultural genocide.
Woke AF!

Here's the real gem:
Who we choose to include among our friends and associates — and yes, even kin — is a political statement because it reflects our values and beliefs. The personal is political in ways both obvious and subtle. This includes the quotidian as well as grand gestures and acts.

And so, a proposal.

If you have friends or relatives who support Donald Trump you should confront them. Explain to them that they are complicit with Trump's cruelty and sadism. Then communicate that you will no longer speak with them, nor will you offer them emotional, financial or other types of support until they denounce Donald Trump and what he represents — and make amends through speech and action.

This will not be easy. Doing what is right rarely is. But it is necessary.
DeVega mocked Trump for saying he's a "stable genius" back in January:

Seems like a stable genius himself!

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