Media's Final Election Day Big Lie: 'Trump Kicked Disabled Boy Out Of Rally'

Hill's Shills Use Disabled Boy As Prop to "Birddog" Trump
Chris Menahan

Nov. 08, 2016

The shamelessness of the lying press knows no limits.

In the latest "birddogging" attempt by left-wing scam-artists, a Hillary Clinton supporting mother used her disabled son as a prop to protest Donald Trump during a rally in Tampa on Saturday.

Alison Holmes had her disabled child "JJ" use a text to speech software to output "Dump Trump" and "Trump mocks the disabled" during the middle of one of Trump's rallies. Holmes and her daughters, which she was also using as a props, joined in on the chants before being escorted out without incident.

Holmes then took her family straight to a Hillary Clinton rally to hold "Stronger Together" signs and personally meet with Obama (I guess Hillary was out sick).

From the lying Washington Post:
Twelve-year-old JJ Holmes has been enamored with the 2016 presidential election.

By Election Day, the boy would encounter two of the most polarizing figures in this campaign season — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and President Obama — and his experiences with them would be vastly different.

For months, JJ, who has a severe case of cerebral palsy, has been sitting on his knees at his home in Longwood, Fla., using his nose to type searches on his iPad for “Mary Poppins” plays and Trump events, his mother said. Throughout the election, she said, he had been itching to go to a rally — to express his disdain for Trump, who came under fire last year for mocking a reporter with a disability.

“I wanted to go because Donald J. Trump made fun of disabled people,” JJ said in a video statement Monday to The Washington Post, using his computer vocalization device.
Trump never made fun of disabled people, that whole story was another media contrived hoax which was debunked months ago.

These lying media hacks are without shame.
On Saturday, JJ got his wish — his mother, Alison Holmes, agreed to take him to a Trump rally in Tampa.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Holmes woke up her son, asking him whether he still wanted to go. She said she had told him what it would mean — a 3 a.m. wake-up call, a two-hour drive from their home in Longwood to Tampa, long lines and pushy protesters and, possibly, the boot.

JJ made a pouty face — his Trump imitation — as his signal that he was ready to roll, his mother said.

She said JJ had preprogrammed chants, such as “Dump Trump” and “Trump mocks the disabled,” into his computer vocalization device. Once he was inside the arena, he pushed a button to say his piece, his mother said.

“It wasn’t that loud,” she said about his chants, adding, “Trump was laughing about how his supporters drown out JJ. So my daughters and I started chanting.”

She said the crowd around them turned rowdy.

Trump supporters across the arena joined in — then Trump reportedly spoke out from the stage.

“Oh, we have a Hillary Clinton person. Are they paying that person $1,500?” Trump said, according to Fox News. “Get him out, please. Get him out.”

The crowd started chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

“I must tell you, the Bernie Sanders protesters had much more enthusiasm and spirit than this one,” Trump added. “The problem with these Hillary protesters is my people make all the noise. … You can’t even hear the person.”

At the same time, Alison Holmes said, Trump supporters near them started pushing her son’s wheelchair, and calling her a “child abuser” and telling others to “grab her p—y.” The boy and his family were escorted from the arena, she said.
Thank god for Project Veritas and James O'Keefe that we now have solid proof these stunts are DNC organized scams to demonize Donald Trump and his supporters.

Earlier today we also learned the most vile lie ever that Trump "raped a 13-year-old girl at a Jeffrey Epstein party" was a completely made up hoax from a "troubled" woman the Democrats used as their pawn.

This is the lying media in action, folks. We need every last soul who loves America and hates these lying parasites to get out and vote for Donald Trump.

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