Wikileaks: "Assange's Internet Link Intentionally Severed by State Party"

"We have activated the appropriate contingency plans."
Chris Menahan

Oct. 17, 2016

A "state party" just cut off Julian Assange's internet connection.

From RT:
WikiLeaks has activated “contingency plans” after its co-founder’s internet service was intentionally cut off by a state actor, the media organization said in a tweet.

The internet is one of the few, if not only, available ways for Julian Assange, who has been locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for more than four years, to maintain contact with the outside world.

Facing extradition to Sweden over allegations of rape, which he denies, the Australian computer programmer has been holed up in the embassy in West London since 2012.

He claims the extradition is actually a bid to move him to a jurisdiction from which he can then be sent to the US, which is known to be actively investigating WikiLeaks.

The unverified claims of state sabotage come as WikiLeaks continues to release damaging documents, most recently thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.
Just hours before his internet was cut, the official Wikileaks account, which is believed to be run by Assange himself, sent out a series of "hashes" which others can use to verify the authenticity of future leaks. If the hashes match between sender and receiver, then it's known the files are the same and were not tampered with.

Hillary Clinton is terrified the truth coming out about her corrupt backroom dealings will sink her chance at becoming president.

We've already learned she took $30 million funding from Saudi Arabia and Qatar -- despite knowing both are secretly funding ISIS.

We also know ISIS funding Qatar gave Bill Clinton a $1 million check for his birthday," in exchange for a 5 minute meeting.

The Clinton machine and media establishment are desperate to shut these leaks down and keep people from reading what's in them.

CNN yesterday lied and claimed "it's illegal" for citizens to read these Wikileaks:

The latest Wikileaks have shown the media is nothing more than an arm of the Clinton campaign.

The media destroyed Bernie Sanders for Clinton and now they're working to destroy Donald Trump.

Cutting off Julian Assange's internet shows their desperation.

We must do all that we can in these final days to get the word out about Shillary's corruption and we must register and vote for Donald Trump on November 8th.


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