Only 34% of 'Refugees' Can Support Themselves After 15 Years, But 'They'll Pay For Our Pensions'

Chris Menahan
Apr. 12, 2016

People in the West "are not breeding enough," therefor we need to import endless immigrants from the Third World "to help pay for our older peoples' pensions," this is the leftist line were attacked with incessantly.

Tell me exactly, when these immigrants can't support themselves after 15 years despite collecting massive amounts of welfare, how are they going to support our aging populations?

From The Daily Caller:
A new report by the Swedish parliament shows just 34 percent of refugees can support themselves after living in the country for 15 years.

The report is an interpretation of various statistics from a number of government agencies. It shows 25 percent of refugees can support themselves without the help of welfare after eight years in Sweden, and 34 percent after 15 years.

About half of the migrants have some sort employment after eight years, but in many cases it is not sufficient enough to fully support them.

One of the common arguments in favor of taking refugees is that it will help fill the gap of an aging workforce. But only 10 percent of Syrian refugees have a college degree when they migrate, according to a December study by Ludger Woessmann, a professor of economics at the University of Munich.
To quote Marco Roboto, we have to dispense with this lie the left doesn't know what they're doing, they're purposefully importing foreigners into the West to shift the demographics in their favor.

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