VIDEO: Off-Duty Cop Rams His SUV Into Man's Car For Trying To Hold Him Accountable For Reckless Driving

Man charged with 'assaulting an officer,' cop walks free
Chris Menahan | InformationLiberation

Nov. 30, 2015

Newly released surveillance video shows an off-duty Montreal police officer ram his SUV into a man's car who was attempting to hold him accountable for speeding through a stop sign and driving recklessly.

The incident occurred on January 14, 2015, but surveillance video has only now been released.

Jeffery Pokora says the man in the SUV, who was later determined to be SPVM Police Officer Mr. Roberto Tomarelli, sped through a stop sign and cut him off, he responded by following the man to his home and attempting to hold him to account.

"After 10 months of therapy, I started realizing I need to start holding people accountable. Just like our politicians, everybody is accountable," Pokora said.

Both men are seen exiting their vehicles at which point a verbal exchange takes place.

“I asked the gentlemen, ‘excuse me sir, but you mind explaining to me what you, and why you, did what you did back there?’” Pokora said.

“The owner of the grey 4×4 then appeared to become enraged with such anger and hostility over my question, that he then proceeded to charge towards me, off his private property, and onto the public road way.”

Pokora says the off-duty cop then physically assaulted him.

“The owner of the grey 4×4 then proceeds to take his right index finger and starts to poke and drill me several times and repeatedly into my left shoulder, thus the owner was now illegally assaulting me.”

After their confrontation is over, Pokora is seen pulling his car behind the off-duty cop, blocking him into his own driveway. Pokora says he did so because he didn't want to be parked in the street while waiting for police.

"What happened next was EXTREMELY SHOCKING and DISTURBING to me," Pokora writes.

"The driver of the grey 4x4, after a 15 second delay then proceeded to ‘floor it’ in reverse. The grey 4x4 hit the passenger side of my large size sedan with so much impact that it forced my vehicle back out into the middle of the street on an angle. While I was in shock, and stunned that ANY human being could willing do such a thing, the grey 4x4 came at me again, but this time more of a head on approach and hits me two more times, in a panic and fear for my life, I scramble to compose myself and put my seat belt on. I managed to turn my vehicle around to try to get out of the situation, as I was doing so, the grey 4x4, again, charges the rear of my vehicle thus hitting me another two times. In such desperation, panic, fear, shock, and dismay I scrambled to call 9-1-1, failing to do so at lest three times due to shock of the situation I was in."

"I eventually was able to get a call through to 9-1-1 on my smart phone within minutes of this horrific event. I begged and pleaded with the emergency responder to help me, save me, he’s going to hit me again, please help me, he’s going to kill me, please, please help me (was crying with fear). The owner of the grey 4x4 pursued me at such high speeds, all the way down Des Oblats Street, to LaSalle Boulevard, and all the way down into the City Of Lachine, right until the corner of ‘Chemin du Musée’ and ‘Boulevard Saint Joseph’, in front of the Toyota car dealer, where finally the horrific events came to an end, when police were able to intervene and take over the situation, and arrest the owner or the grey 4x4, or so I thought."

Rather than arrest the officer, Pokora was arrested at gunpoint and charged with "assaulting a police officer" and issuing "death threats."

The officer was not hit with any charges and his police commander says he did nothing wrong.

"Let's put that this way.... If we have a sense that the action was not OK, or there could've been a problem, the officer could've been suspended," Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière said.

"And now I'm telling you, he's still working for us."

Watch the full video below:

What do you think, did the officer have reason to "fear for his life," or was he the criminal in this situation?
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