Albuquerque Police Shoot Homeless Man "Illegally Camping" In Foothills

Chris | InformationLiberation
Mar. 22, 2014

From KRQE:
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Critics of the Albuquerque Police Department are raising serious questions about the fatal shooting of a homeless camper in the foothills, one even calling it murder. Meanwhile, the department says the shooting was justified.

[...]Video shows when officers moved in on Boyd around 7:30 p.m on the night of the shooting. At the beginning of incident, Boyd can be heard saying, “In a private world, if you were down at a bar or a bus stop, I would have the right to kill you right now because you’re trying to take me over. Don’t get stupid with me!”

Video shows Boyd then began grabbing bags and attempted to leave when officers started their use of non-lethal force.

As Boyd is moving, officers then threw a flash bang and released a K9 which appears to bite Boyd in the hand. Chief Eden said officers also used a taser gun and bean bag rounds. Two officers, Dominque Perez and Keith Sandy then both fired three bullets each from their department issued rifles, causing Boyd to fall to the ground.

It’s unclear how many shots hit Boyd. APD says it is waiting on a report from the Office of the Medical Investigator to determine an exact cause of death.

However, the video is already raising some questions because of how Boyd appears to be turning away from the officers when bullets were fired.
The video shows a straightforward execution. They say the man was "crazy," yet if you read the quote above by itself he's entirely correct.

The police were explicitly threatening to kill him because he was "illegally camping" in some foothills, morally he has every right to defend himself.

Of course, the police with their magic badges think they're exempt from the laws of morality, recognizing only the laws of their masters, so they executed him for merely reacting to a flash-bang grenade and rabid K9 being released onto him.

No doubt the police "feared for their lives," they only had a team of tactical killers with assault rifles, flash-bangs, and a K9 trained on him; he had two scary knives.

This was murder, committed by what can only be described as a criminal gang of lawless banditos.

UPDATE: Here's the full uncensored video. First off, after they shoot him initially it sounds like one of the officers said "booya." Second, after they shoot him up with real bullets, they then demand he "drop the knife" and shoot him again with bean bag rounds, you can see in the video as they shoot him again he's actively dying and lying practically lifeless in a pool of his own blood, yet they still insist on shooting him with bean bag rounds and demand he "drop the knife," no doubt to shield themselves for legal reasons and act like he's a threat.

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