Canadian Judge Rules Cops Can Steal Man's $10k Because He Can't Prove It's Not Drug Money

Chris | InformationLiberation
Feb. 18, 2014

From the CBC:
A man from North Bay, Ont., cannot reclaim $10,000 in suspected drug money that police seized after they found it in several wads stuffed in his pockets, a judge has ruled.

Jason Paquette at various times told police the source of the money was none of their business, that it was to buy a car and that it was his savings, and explained he didn't keep it in the bank because he didn't want any of it taken for child support, the Ontario Superior Court judge wrote in his ruling.

"I am not persuaded by Paquette's explanation as to why he kept the money on his person," Judge M. Gregory Ellies wrote.

"There are many safer places to keep $10,000 in cash other than in your pants."
Yeah, keep it in an insolvent government "insured" bank instead.
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