Warmist: 'Every Weather Event in the Modern World is Attributable to Climate Change'

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jan. 07, 2014

In an article from Common Dreams saying the 'Polar Vortex' is due to global warming we find this little gem:

From Common Dreams:
The idea that any particular "weather event" is or is not climate change [...] belies the deeper fact that all weather events are complex results of underlying climate conditions. As Jim Naureckas, a journalist at the media watchdog group FAIR, explained to his readers in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines last year, "attributing particular weather events to climate change is ridiculously easy."

The reason for that, he continues, is because (emphasis his):
"Every weather event in the modern world is attributable to climate change. This is because weather is a chaotic system, which is to say it varies wildly based on initial conditions. Once we raised global temperature by a degree Celsiusówhich is an enormous intervention in the physical worldówe irrevocably changed all weather, producing an entirely different set of events than the ones that would have otherwise occurred."
The planet's entire history of radical climate change through millions of years now takes a back seat to human emissions. We're told to believe one theoretical change in degree by humankind is bringing the planet to the brink of disaster -- yet somehow the planet survived multiple ice ages, multiple warm periods, and even a mass extinction event which wiped out the dinosaurs.

If you haven't yet realized it, global warmists are an hysterical doomsday cult. When their end-of-the-world global warming predictions failed to materialize, they rebranded their doctrine to "climate change," something which has always been a constant throughout the history of the world, and conveniently something which they hoped could not be "disproved" because it can mean whatever one wants it to mean. To quote Mr. Naureckas, "every weather event" is proof.

What would be truly remarkable and unprecedented is if the climate stopped changing, to suggest the climate changing is some sort of proof of our sins against the planet and our need for repentance by trashing all modernity and returning to the stone age is thoroughly anti-science and anti-human. If there was such a need for a constant permanent climate, the most likely way it would be achieved is through human ingenuity, not through "returning to nature" and getting what we've always got; a constantly changing climate.

The scientific profession, like our economy as a whole, is being destroyed due to political meddling by corrupt politicians intent on enriching themselves at everyone else's expense. The grants given to scientists to research global warming takes scientists' focus away from real issues such as improving technologies and making scientific breakthroughs which improve life on our planet and instead has them studying the migration patterns of birds and how they may or may not be impacted by one degree's change in temperature. Rather than working to invent a new efficient engine, they're working to invent justifications for political policies.

Ironically, this massive drain on human progress could actually bring about the doomsday mass extinction event they so fear, because rather than humanity become independent of the need for planet earth altogether, we're still entirely dependent on it. If we all die to a supervolcano, a devastating meteor strike, or a massive solar flare, what a shame it will be we hadn't colonized space because our scientists were too busy studying global warming's effect on the mating habits of salamanders.
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