Grandfather Harassed By Cops For Watching His Grandchildren At Park

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 23, 2013

Everyone is a potential criminal in the new Amerika.

A good little citizen reports on a grandfather for watching what turned out to be his own grandchildren at the park, and the King's loyal servants arrive to harass him and force him to prove he's not a criminal.

Here's how he describes the incident:
I was minding my own business sitting at a park bench (the one in the video), trying to fix my frozen phone, and watching my grandchildren play. The Lompoc, California police showed up and said I was reported as "suspicious" for watching children at Ryon Park, local public park, and the cop asked what I was doing there. I told him I was watching three of my grandchildren play at the park. Then I said, "I'm going to remain silent. I want a lawyer. Now go away and leave me alone." After I got the phone to work, the cop asked me why I didn't start recording when they first showed up. I truthfully replied that "I couldn't see (the screen very well because it was sunny outside)." The cop got angry because I asserted my right to remain silent and said, "You don't have a right to a lawyer," and demanded I show ID. He said about three times, "If you don't show me your ID in three minutes, I will arrest you" and that the law said I had to show ID. That is about the time I got the video to record, and it is self-explanatory from there.
Innocent until proven guilty is now guilty until proven innocent.
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