Video: Man Gets Arrested For Not Letting Undercover Cop Smell His Iced Tea (And No, It's Not Fake)

Chris | InformationLiberation
May. 02, 2013

In this video out of Fayetteville, North Carolina an undercover cop detains and has a man arrested for drinking an Arizona 'Half & Half' Iced Tea (half lemonade, half iced tea) and not bowing down before the badge-wielding thug and letting him smell it.

The undercover cop also threatens the man filming the incident and orders him to leave the property for "hindering his investigation."

It's a fascinating video, not only due the outrageousness of the incident itself, but also because of the bizarre reaction on behalf of the general public to the video insisting it must be fake and a stunt to promote the victim's rap career.

Here's the top comment on the video on Reddit, there are literally hundreds if not thousands like it on YouTube insisting the video must be fake.

I'm a skeptic by nature, but watching the video I frankly saw nothing suspicious about it, if the man is an actor he deserves an Oscar, as he just so happens to act exactly like a power-tripping thug with a badge.

Well, it turns out the video is entirely real, as the initial poster on YouTube released additional footage showing another cop showed up and placed him in his police car. The man was reportedly arrested and charged because he didn't want to let the plain-clothed undercover officer shove his disgusting schnoz into his drink.

I don't want to misconstrue healthy skepticism with denying reality, but part of me feels like people don't want to believe that police act this petty and thuggish.

Fact of the matter is this is exactly how most police act, when they're not shoving crippled women with cerebral palsy to the ground for walking in their path, they're arresting people at fourth-amendment violating checkpoints for not rolling their windows "all the way" down.

Most people do not want to have arbitrary power over their fellow citizens, yet that's exactly what the job of being a police officer entails, your power as a police officer comes not out of your intellect, your earned respect, nor your genuine leadership skills, it comes out of your government-issued costume, badge and gun.

That type of power appeals most to weak-minded people, hence most cops are just the exact type of people who are least suited to have such a job. This is not just conjecture, some agencies have insurance companies run psychological exams on potential recruits to see if their psychological makeup will put the police at risk for lawsuits, a police department in Louisiana where such a test was in place couldn't find a single cop to hire.

Contrary to popular opinion, police are not here to "protect and serve" the public -- they're here to protect and serve the state. Rather than patriots here to "uphold the law," they're petty thugs here to violently enforcing the arbitrary edicts of idiot politicians.
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