Police Accost Woman For Filming, Threaten to Arrest Her for "Illegal" Swearing

Chris | InformationLiberation
Sep. 20, 2012

Minnesota Metro Transit Police accost a woman for filming and threaten to arrest her for "illegally" swearing.
ďYou just canít swear, itís against the law. Do you have kids? You donít want your kids being around that stuff. You know what I mean?Ē
Here's how she described the event:
"On the evening of September 17, 2012, I happened to catch some arrests occuring near the lightrail station on 5th and Nicollet in Downtown Minneapolis so I decided to film and observe the cops. Toward the end, Two Metro Transit Police came up to tell me that swearing is illegal and then one physically grabbed my hand to try to stop my filming and covered it up briefly."
HT: CopBlock.org

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