Texas Cop Drags 77-Yr-Old Grandmother from Car for Refusing to Show ID

Chris | InformationLiberation
Sep. 14, 2012

"Let's be clear: You are a worthless pleb citizen whose prime directive in life is to unquestioningly obey and pay your criminal overlords as we rob you."

That's what this Texas cop would have said if he could articulate his views beyond grunts and violence.

A local Texas police department is standing by an officer who dragged a 77-year-old grandmother out of her car for speeding after she repeatedly refused to provide her driver's license.

The entire arrest was caught on video by the Keene Police Department.

The woman, Lynn Bedford, of nearby Cleburne, was stopped on Aug. 19 for driving 66 mph in a 50-mph zone.

Bedford told Sgt. Gene Geheb that she had a bladder infection and had to go to the bathroom, but the situation quickly escalated when the officer asked several times for her identification and she refused.

[...]"This incident has been reviewed thoroughly by the Keene Police Department and the City of Keene Administration," Alberti said in a written statement. "All parties have concluded that Sgt. Geheb did not violate any state laws or department policies, and in fact was following department policy in regards to violators not providing identification."
Don't dare say this cop is a bad apple, the majority of police in this country act as this crook does, and their police chiefs defend them. Disband this criminal gang immediately.
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