District Attorney In Dark Knight Case Says No One Given Contents Of Package, Media Reports Fabricated

Chris | InformationLiberation
Jul. 27, 2012

Interesting twist to the story of the alleged package the Dark Knight shooter James Holmes allegedly sent to his psychiatrist allegedly detailing every aspect of his planned killing spree -- according to the government's District Attorney Carol Chambers, the story is a fraud, no one was given the contents of the package, and she asserts the media may have "creat[ed] fake 'law enforcement sources'" to justify their false reports.

The filing was a response to Holmes's lawyer, who said the leaking of the package's alleged contents "by the government to the media" violated their constitutional rights.

In her filing to the court she writes:
The Defendant argues in Motion D-11 that "the content of these materials was leaked by the government to the media..." Certainly the media, including Fox News and NBCNEWS.com, have said this, but that does not make it so. In fact, the content of the news stories would seem to indicate that whoever provided information to Fox News, if anyone, did not actually have knowledge of the facts of this case. For instance, the Fox News story stated that the FBI took possession of the package and its contents--this is incorrect, as it was the Aurora Police Department. The NBCNEWS.com story indicated that the Aurora Police Department had obtained two search warrants, one for the package itself and a second one for its contents. This is not correct, as the Aurora Police Department obtained only one search warrant. Other stories have stated that the police are currently examining the contents of the box--again untrue, as the contents were secured and not examined, and held for potential in camera review. These factual errors lead the People to believe that there may not even be a "law enforcement source" "leaking" confidential information and that the media is getting information from hoaxers, fraudsters, or maybe from nobody at all by creating fake "law enforcement sources" out of whole cloth. To put it bluntly, the People are extremely dubious of the media assertions that "law enforcement sources" exist. The court need not, and should not, accept that the media is correctly identifying the affiliation of the persons they claim are providing them with "information." [Emphasis in original]
Is this District Attorney to be trusted? Is Fox News? Neither is very credible, but it's an astonishing allegation for the government's DA to say the whole story is a fraud and no one has even seen the contents of the package.

Holmes's mother came out recently to say ABC News mischaracterized her statement "you have the right person" as an admission of guilt, when it was simply an acknowledgement she was his mother. James Holmes himself reportedly doesn't even know why he is in prison, he apparently has been repeatedly asking the jail guards, "Why am I here?" Additionally, in his only public appearance he was quite likely heavily drugged, likely against his will in the same manner as Gabriel Gifford's shooter Jared Lee Loughner. This whole story is getting awfully suspicious.
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