15-Yr-Old Says Cop Ordered Her To Undress, Examined Her Privates To "Check" Whether She Had Sex

"I need you to spread your legs wider so I can see."
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Jul. 02, 2012

Fourty-six-year-old Juan De Los Rios is not a forensic gynecologist, he's an 18-year-veteran police officer and a captain of the Miramar police department in Florida. Yet, after he stumbled upon a car with two young people talking to one another in the back seat, he decided to take on the role of the former, ordering the 15-year-old girl he came across to disrobe, then examining her privates in extreme detail with a flashlight to "check" to see if she had had sex.

Via the Miami Herald:
According to the arrest affidavit, the girl was sitting in the back of a car with a 19-year-old friend parked in the back lot of a business plaza in Miramar after school on Jan. 18, when a man approached the car and looked at them through the window.

He asked them to roll down the window.

Because he was in a dark-blue uniform and wearing a gold badge, the teens thought he was a police officer and complied.

The man then began to question them. At one point, he leaned against the window, looked at them, gave a hard long pause and asked: “Well, were you having sex? What are you doing here?”

The girl quickly responded “no, no, no, officer no,” the affidavit said. The girl told police she and her friend were just talking.

But the man told the girl he “needed to check.”

The girl asked “Check what?”

“I need to see inside,” he responded.

That’s when he ordered her to take off her pants and underwear so he could look for bruising or other evidence of sexual activity.

In fear, the affidavit said, she complied.

The girl told police she thought it “was the right thing to do” because he was an officer.

Her 19-year-friend turned away, unable to watch, according to the affidavit.

He told police he heard the man tell the girl “I need you to spread your legs wider so I can see.”

The officer then used a flashlight to “inspect” her and told her to pull down her blouse so he could check for bruising, according to the police report.

Then he returned the driver’s license to the boy and told them “Go home.”

The teens got into the front seats of the car, “cried, hugged and drove off,” the affidavit said.
Despite her fear, the girl eventually confessed what happened to her sister, who went and told her mother.

Fortunately, a surveillance video camera at a CVS which caught the incident on film corroborated the girl and her friend's statements.

The police captain has been suspended without pay and is now facing potentially up to 15 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. It will be interesting to see how severe his punishment is, considering his years of "service."
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