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Article posted Dec 14 2011, 10:55 PM Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions Source: David Theroux Print

BBC Faked Polar Bear Footage re Climate Alarmism

By David Theroux, The Beacon

As if the climate alarmist scams revealed in Climategate I and Climategate II were not enough, not to mention the deliberate misrepresentations in Al Gore’s propaganda film, An Inconvenient Truth, we now learn that the BBC faked a key scene in the £16 million, seven-part TV series, Frozen Planet, in which polar bears were being depicted as endangered as a result of global warming. Hosted by alarmist Sir David Attenborough, the series has had viewership of 8 million who were led to believe that the footage was taken in the wild, when all along it was staged in a zoo with fake snow. Attenborough refused to apologize for not disclosing the deception, claiming that the documentary is no different from movies: “Come on, we were making movies.” Apparently, for Sir David there is no difference between fiction and fact. Just more “post-normal science”? Similarly, the pro-alarmist BBC has denied any deception even though it deliberately did not advise viewers of the faked footage. As the Daily Mail reports:

It began by showing genuine footage of a male polar bear scavenging for food during the harsh Arctic winter.

As howling blizzards filled the screen, Sir David explained: “He must live on his resources. This is a time to scrape by.” The camera then panned to a frozen hillside, before cutting to a close-up of a female polar bear hibernating with her newborn cubs.

Apparently referring to the same bear family, the naturalist said: “But on these side slopes beneath the snow new lives are beginning. The cubs are born blind and tiny. An early birth is easier on the mother.”

His commentary continued: “In two more months polar bear families will emerge on the snowy slopes all round the Arctic.” The camera then moves from the snowy tundra to the dark nest, watching the cubs nuzzle up to their mother, as he says: “But for now they lie protected within their icy cocoons.”

Viewers marvelled at the crew’s apparently daring exploits. One fan wrote online after the show: “The camera team would be in a whole heap of s*** if mummy had woken up.”

In reality, the den was made of plaster and wood beneath a German zoo’s polar bear enclosure. It was fitted with cameras shortly before the cubs’ birth.

The truth is revealed on the website, where producer Kathryn Jeffs explained how the film was made last Christmas.

She said it would be impractical to film the carnivores in the wild, adding: “They stay in the pole through the winter and the female polar bears actually give birth at the peak of winter.

“The problem for us is that they do it underneath the snow in these dens of ice and there’s absolutely no way we can get our cameras down there.”

Last night the BBC insisted: “The commentary accompanying the sequence is carefully worded so it doesn’t mislead the audience.”

The spokesman added Sir David was aware captive bears were used in the nest scene, adding: “He knows it would have been impossible in the wild.”

It is the second time a BBC-Attenborough collaboration has faked polar bear scenes. In 1997, Sir David narrated over scenes of a mother snuggling up with newborns in Polar Bear, Arctic Warrior. It was criticised when it emerged it was filmed at a zoo in Frankfurt, Germany.
In addition, here are sample quotes in the British media about the deception:

Frozen Planet’s eight million devoted fans will not take kindly to being left out in the cold. It emerged yesterday a key scene from the hit BBC series showing a polar bear tending her newborn cubs was filmed in a zoo using fake snow.

—Euan Stretch, Daily Mirror, 12 December 2011

Sir David Attenborough yesterday defended Frozen Planet’s fake polar bear footage – by comparing BBC nature documentaries to movies. In a surprising justification for duping millions of viewers, the TV star argued that owning up to splicing archive film with real Arctic scenes during the programme would have spoiled the mood. His blunt remarks came as more footage from the series was exposed as a sham.

—Simon Boyle, Daily Mirror, 13 December 2011

No one wants to criticise Sir David Attenborough, given the amazing television he has made and the work he’s done to preserve wildlife and educate us about the way we are destroying the planet. But in the case of Polar Beargate, he would be better to recognise that what he and the BBC did was duplicitous and simply apologise. Viewers will be disappointed to find out that Sir David is yet another TV presenter they cannot totally trust.

—Jim Shelley, Daily Mirror, 13 December 2011

Sir David Attenborough is one of our finest journalists and a great expert on animal life. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to global warming he seems to prefer sensation to objectivity.

—Nigel Lawson, BBC Radio Times, 6 December 2011

I took something of a personal interest in the last instalment of Sir David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet series, billed by the BBC as yet another grim warning of the dangers of global warming. Next day I was due to launch a report for the Global Warming Policy Foundation on the BBC’s notorious bias on this issue. In fact, Sir David played it rather more cleverly than in previous forays. Accompanied by the usual breathtaking photography, he didn’t make his message too explicit. Instead he just conveyed that the polar ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate, suggesting that this will cause a disastrous rise in sea levels. In each case, however, he arranged his evidence in a notably loaded way, carefully omitting much of the information a less selective picture would have included.

—Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph, 11 December 2011

MPs have demanded that the BBC reveals details of all commercial deals its journalists have with other organisations, amid fears of an increasing number of conflicts of interest affecting their work. The Corporation is under pressure following The Mail on Sunday’s disclosure two weeks ago that senior BBC journalist Roger Harrabin accepted £15,000 in grants from the University of East Anglia, which was at the heart of the ‘Climategate’ scandal, and then reported on the story without declaring this interest to viewers.

—Miles Goslett, Daily Mail, 12 December 2011

For almost three decades, the British Social Attitudes Survey has measured growing acceptance of things like homosexuality and single motherhood. On December 7th it picked up a more worrying kind of nonchalance. Ardour for environmentalism is cooling. Why might this be? Peter Lynn of the University of Essex reckons a fuss over the way some academics presented data, known as “climategate”, may have had an effect. And present economic woes have distracted people from long-term concerns.

The Economist, 10 December 2011

HT: Benny Peiser

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Posted: Dec 15 2011, 11:03 AM

70178 there you go again chris... you are going completely insane over climate change (that is occuring.)

did you know that virtually every nature show uses a setup like this? they build enclosures in the wild and hope that a bird, or whatever uses it.

there was no lying going on in this clip.

what has happened here is that you must listen to some conservative talk radio imbecile, and because the topic is climate change you choose to believe whatever it no matter how ridiculous.

the only deception there is comes from the mouths of people like you, chris.

the outrage is FAKE.

it's JUST LIKE the recent event where hawaii-5-0 was filming in a national cemetery. some dunce blogger wrote a story about it, it was fairly accurate. then some dunce on talk radio LIED ON THE AIR about what actually happened. he created FAKE OUTRAGE, then all his STUPID listeners called in and complained.

Roger from the Netherlands

Posted: Dec 15 2011, 12:53 PM

82173 It caught me as well....was thinking like...'wow, that's a dangeros footage.' All in all i don't really have a problem with it, but they shouldve told it in the end in the 'freeze frame' section.

Posted: Dec 15 2011, 5:09 PM

216199 Chris didn't write the article. Maybe we should be less concerned about what content one chooses to place on their own website and more concerned about what is actually occurring. I think we Are all entitled to an opinion and voice and it shouldn't be our duty to try and inflate the minds of others with our ego. Everything is constantly changing, including the climate

Posted: Dec 15 2011, 9:13 PM

21618 @216199 - wow! - nah, chris didnt write the article, but he continues to push this nonesense - be it a lack of common sense, or inflated ego, hes incapable of posting an opposing view. just because its his website, doesnt make him right, either morally, ethically or factually, nor does it make him immune from valid criticism. to continually present only one side of an argument, according to personal views, and repress anything to the contrary is not what id call information liberation by any stretch of the imagination. propaganda proliferation would be more apt.

yes climate changes, but historically, the changes similar to changes we see today, that have occurred over decades recenly, occurred over hundreds of years previously.

youd have to be quite the dill to think that all the worlds climate scientists are involved in a grand conspiracy, but to think they could convince mother nature to go along with the plot in the way of increased temperatures, record breaking extreme weather events from droughts to floods and everything in between...and the way the planet has manipulated the data that has been collected.. wow- thats some power of persuasion.

is that what you truly believe Chris? that the worlds experts on climate are lying? whos paying them to lie? ENVIRONMENTALISTS? or theyre all on al gores payroll?

get fkn real.

if it be burning fossil fuels, or chemtrails, or something else we are doing, pretending that all the shit we are pumping into the atmosphere has no effect whatever.. and even if carbon trading is just a scam for the rich to get richer, which it probably is, running around with your fingers in your ears singing la-la-la-la-la - ignoring all the evidence the experts are presenting.. isnt helping anyone, including yourself.

the science is in. just like science confirms you need more than a box of matches to bring a 47 storey steel framed skyscraper down at freefall accelleration into its own footprint, science has confirmed that people like you dont need a functioning frontal lobe to be able to maintain a website.

but thats just my opinion.

Posted: Dec 16 2011, 10:59 AM

70178 chris agrees with the article. he does this all the time. he thinks climate change s not occurring. he chooses to believe total garbage and lies and believes every ignorant article that comes from the right wing when it comes to climate change. chris even was 100% onboard when the faked climate gate scandal was here.

the words in this article reflect chris's opinion. you'd realize that if you paid attention.

chris is 100% a disbeliever of climate change, by choice. he claims it is a all a conspiracy.


Posted: Dec 16 2011, 2:37 PM

I believe the climate the world over has been a constant sunny 76 degrees for the entirety of history (24 hours a day) and it will continue for time immemorial. Indeed, your claim about my lack of belief in the climate changing is 100% accurate. In fact, all of us who disagree with you believe just that. Your deep philosophy that the climate "changes" is too radical for my primitive savage brain to understand.

Posted: Dec 16 2011, 4:32 PM

70178 you see? chris knows he's completely dumb on this issue. that's why he won't actually say anything about it.

chris thinks that carbon trading is a scam (it is.)

but because of this, he completely ignores reality. he literally believes that climate change is not occurring. he thinks that if he acknowledges climate change he's automatically agrees that there should be a carbon tax.

he thinks that anything any environmentalist says we need to do as a defensive response against climate change is just part of the conspiracy to tax.

chris is not sane on this issue. he doesn't realize that even if his fantasy world of perfectly controlled 76 degree weather existed, then WE ARE STILL GOING TO DO THE SAME THINGS...

stop using fossil fuels. stop wasting energy. we have no choice but to do those things, regardless of climate change.

this is the reality that chris ignores, all because he's jealous of al gore.

Posted: Dec 16 2011, 6:31 PM

Please be my biographer.
Comments 1 - 8 of 8 Page 1 of 1

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