Police Face No Punishment After Flash-Banging & Severely Burning Innocent Mother In Illegal No-Knock Raid

Chris | InformationLiberation
Dec. 12, 2011

Police in Minneapolis will face no punishment after flash-banging an innocent mother in a "botched" drug raid. Responding to a bogus "tip" the police received, the cops got a judge to sign off on a warrant to search for drugs in the woman's home. The police failed to read the warrant and realize it did not authorize a no-knock raid, so they busted into the home without warning and threw a flash-grenade at an innocent mother of two. She was so severely burned by the flash-grenade, which burns at an astonishing 3,600 degrees, "a portion of her calf muscle was incinerated" and "burned almost to the bone."

"No police officer involved in the raid has been disciplined for the incident, the city confirmed." - KSTP reports.
The police spokesman said the police just need to "learn" from their act of terrorism. How are police supposed to "learn" when they faced zero accountability and zero personal liability? How can police be expected to stop committing crimes when the very citizens they're abusing have to foot the bill for the damages they cause?

Imagine a scenario in which the situation was reversed. A random woman thinks one of these cops is dealing drugs, so being the citizen vigilante she is, she decides to break into the cop's home and throw a flash-grenade at him. She then rummages through his entire house looking for drugs, yet finds nothing. The cop is left traumatized with severe burns and in the ER.

What type of punishment do you think that woman would receive?

Reverse the situation and the cops get off scot-free. They were not held to account, they paid zero in damages, they won't lose their jobs, they faced no personal loss and in fact got paid vacations during the ensuing "investigation!"

Also, please note, this is not the same incident from the recent article "SWAT Team Flash-bangs Grandmother During Botched Drug Raid, Gives Her Heart Attack," this is a different mother, in a different state. None-the-less, both these cases would be described as "isolated incidents" by their respective para-military police departments.

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