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Analysis posted Sep 17 2010, 10:29 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Police Chief Beats the Hell Out of Defenseless Old Woman -- She Gets the Video and Posts it to Youtube

Chris | InformationLiberation

You're concerned with the way a death is being handled by the police in your small town of only 1000 people. You go to City Hall to complain. Instead of having your voice be heard, the town Police Chief beats the hell out of you and slams your face into the ground. His assault results in you dislocating your knee, bruising your ribs, and leaves you with a black eye and $1500 in medical bills.

That is exactly what happened to 50 year old Brenda Martin of Le Flore County Florida, according to a NewsOK report:
Martin said she confronted Police Chief Chris Ford in his office that afternoon. He asked her to leave.
As she was leaving, a security camera in town hall captured video of Martin being pushed, her legs quickly swept from beneath her and Ford holding her arms behind her back as he pushes her into the floor.
According to the Police Chief's lawyer, his actions were perfectly justified because she was "cursing in an extremely loud voice."

Clearly being cursed at is just too much to handle for a trained peace officer, perhaps he was having flashbacks to his time in the middle east while he was "serving in the Oklahoma National Guard." Doing his patriotic duty, he shoved her around before tripping her and slamming her face into the ground. Of course, he says he tripped her and she simply "went to the ground." The laws of physics dictated her fall, not his direct actions.

Luckily for Brenda Martin, it was all caught on tape. She got the tape after multiple requests and posted it to the ultimate arbiter of justice, Youtube.


Interestingly in order to justify his abuses the police officer claimed it was all done because she was being arrested. And yet, according to the new acting Police Chief Randy Liles, "There is no arrest or incident report on file at the department." Despite it all, Liles assures us once Ford's unrelated leave of absence is over "he'll be reinstated."

Justice is Served!

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Posted: Sep 17 2010, 11:52 PM

192251 A slam like that could kill a person...

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 12:15 AM

174100 another small penis man.

he probably does the same thing to the little boys he molests in the town.

I hope the lady is OK. I don't care what she said to the "pig" officer (and i think this one qualifies), he had no right to treat a human being in this manner.


Posted: Sep 18 2010, 2:12 AM

71237 A hard Concrete floor is not as forgiving as the "ground"

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 9:40 AM

68207 That guy needs to do some jail time.

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 10:30 AM

173206 So, what are policemen and why do they behave this way? What would cause people to treat other folk in this manner? I know they started out just like you or I have, but what has happened to them? To serve and protect.. To serve and protect who, what? Could it be that they have been trained to behave like this? Why? By who? Who do they work for?

Here's what I think. Policemen began as ordinary folk like you and I. I believe they are trained to view their countrymen as the enemy by the state. They are state employees after all. I think that the state has trained them like this because they perceive us as a threat. Look at the US constitution and Bill of Rights. That document attempts to constrain the government. It recognizes that the government is always a threat to the liberty of free human beings and attempts to outline a method to constrain it in order to protect the people from it's excesses. Why would the government not oppose this. What better way to do so than silent and stealthy opposition. Slowly change the values of the so called "public servant" so he perceives himself as a "private authority". When was the last time you heard a politician (one who serves the government and not the people) mention the phrase "public good". It just doesn't happen anymore.

Why do we need police? Do we need them? They are us after all. There is nothing special about a policeman other that we abdicate our own power and authority to them. Truth is we don't need them. We can police ourselves. I know this may seem a radical thought but it really isn't if you give it some consideration. If we take responsibility for our own protection
we have no need for police. If the police are gone then we have eliminated the enforcement arm of the state (after all the police as it stands today are paid by the state and are agents of the state therefore serve and protect the state). Without an enforcement arm, the state may revert back to service to it's constituents rather the it's narcissistic self service that we have now.

In addition, the behavior of the police is a reflection of the the way the state views the people. Americans and Canadians are meant to be people, who are citizens of their respective countries. Not subjects of the state. Left alone, government will always tend towards despotism and lack of restraint towards the people. It must be reined in.

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 10:45 AM

The thing about police, and government in general, is it's a MONOPOLY!

When you only have one agency which is allowed to provide a service, an agency which everyone is forced to pay for at the barrel of a gun through taxes, it's absolutely inevitable that the cost of their "service" is going to go up and up and the quality of their "service" is going to go down and down.

The only way to fix the police is to abolish them altogether and privatize policing entirely. You drop the unenforceable idiotic drug laws, the idiotic citizen disarmament "gun control" laws, and let private police agencies be created and allowed to compete and be hired based off actual demand, you'd see policing turned into an actual service the same way practically 99% of every other service industry is.

When you have zero incentive to serve consumers, guess what, they're not going to serve consumers. Even in business it's difficult to get high quality customer service and even the best of companies needs to be vigilant to ensure high standards. Those companies which can get everyone's business and those which can't go out of business. There is no reason policing couldn't be the same as the bodyguard industry. Then instead of citizens being treated like serfs you'd have citizens being treated with the mantra "the customer is always right."

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 11:39 AM

72223 Fuck You Officer Smellie

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 1:20 PM

7059 What the heck is wrong with you for calling a 50 year old woman an old lady? Sensationalism! It would have been more efffective if you just told it like it was without the BS.

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 2:46 PM

74242 One of the reasons this 72 year old carries a stun gun- 1 million volts- that looks like a cell phone- His balls then could be used as hood ornaments

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 3:12 PM

68167 What a douchebag. Hopefully he'll suck some dick in prison.

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 4:05 PM

Ha-ha, monopoly. i'm sorry Chris, but police has only in few times in the history of the world been as brutal as it is now in the US. How NAIVE can you get?

It is due to the training, the IQ, the personality type etc. they are looking for to become the police.

It is not because of some abstraction like "monopoly." You are TRULY PATHETIC for trying to TWIST every thing to suit your FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM AGENDA. It's getting past ludicrous now - to the realm of obvious.

Go on, work for Forbes magazine, "Chris" - you goddam shill. If anyone doubts that after this, they are idiots. You're no better than the racist shills and the religious shills.

Hell yeah, don't listen to me! i'm a goddam commie!!

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 4:27 PM

70225 this is suppose to be posted on youtube. can anyone find it....i sure cant!!!

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 5:22 PM

Freedom_man, I think you're losing it. Please calm down and step back and realize I've done absolutely nothing to harm you in any way. Read this latest post and tell me what I said is not dead on in every way:

"The best thing about the TSA is that though we do deal with the public every day, customer service is not a priority for us and we are told that on a regular basis….

We get briefed before every shift and at least twice a week they remind us that though customer service is good, it is not our priority.

We are federal security officers, and if you walk away from dealing with me and you are not happy its not going to hurt my job security at all."

You really need to calm down, I don't understand where you get all this viciousness from. No one is here to hurt you, mkay?

Posted: Sep 18 2010, 11:29 PM

24237 This woman's relatives should seek retribution. That is the way it has been for millions of years. It should be a matter of pride.

Posted: Sep 19 2010, 12:06 AM

58168 I see a court case with a big deserved payout coming her way.

Posted: Sep 20 2010, 9:05 PM

96254 [Deleted: See comment policy #1+2]

Posted: Sep 21 2010, 1:29 PM

209105 What a disgrace to the uniform, jail him for assault!

Posted: Sep 22 2010, 10:12 AM

4153 fucking illuminati nazi scum pig needs to be [Deleted: See comment policy]

Posted: Sep 22 2010, 11:00 AM

98190 I have a motto when it comes to dealing with the police:

"Submit, and you won't get hit. If you submit and still get hit, just submit some more and hope you won't get hit again."

Police are here to protect us. If they must hit us or throw us to the ground a little bit, it is ok. They know what is best. They are heroes.
Woman was clearly combative

Posted: Sep 22 2010, 12:50 PM

67191 The woman was non-cooperative, resisted the officer, which resulted in him doing what he's trained to do. she was clearly trying to pass the officer and return to the location she was ECSORTED from. He didn't abuse this woman; he followed procedure, and even removed his knee from her back after he felt comfortable that she wouldn't attempt to fight him. For the record, that is no small woman!
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