Police Chief Beats the Hell Out of Defenseless Old Woman -- She Gets the Video and Posts it to Youtube

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Sep. 17, 2010

You're concerned with the way a death is being handled by the police in your small town of only 1000 people. You go to City Hall to complain. Instead of having your voice be heard, the town Police Chief beats the hell out of you and slams your face into the ground. His assault results in you dislocating your knee, bruising your ribs, and leaves you with a black eye and $1500 in medical bills.

That is exactly what happened to 50 year old Brenda Martin of Le Flore County Florida, according to a NewsOK report:
Martin said she confronted Police Chief Chris Ford in his office that afternoon. He asked her to leave.
As she was leaving, a security camera in town hall captured video of Martin being pushed, her legs quickly swept from beneath her and Ford holding her arms behind her back as he pushes her into the floor.
According to the Police Chief's lawyer, his actions were perfectly justified because she was "cursing in an extremely loud voice."

Clearly being cursed at is just too much to handle for a trained peace officer, perhaps he was having flashbacks to his time in the middle east while he was "serving in the Oklahoma National Guard." Doing his patriotic duty, he shoved her around before tripping her and slamming her face into the ground. Of course, he says he tripped her and she simply "went to the ground." The laws of physics dictated her fall, not his direct actions.

Luckily for Brenda Martin, it was all caught on tape. She got the tape after multiple requests and posted it to the ultimate arbiter of justice, Youtube.


Interestingly in order to justify his abuses the police officer claimed it was all done because she was being arrested. And yet, according to the new acting Police Chief Randy Liles, "There is no arrest or incident report on file at the department." Despite it all, Liles assures us once Ford's unrelated leave of absence is over "he'll be reinstated."

Justice is Served!

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