Friday June 3rd, 2011
Yeah, That's It. They Need 'More Training.' (Bill Anderson)
One of the many myths to come from the ongoing Progressive Era is that “professional training” will turn bureaucrats into “wise professionals.” Thus, when we see a cop brutalize an innocent citizen or see bureaucrats incorrectly assert that certain laws support their unlawful conduct, the mantra from the Usual Suspects is: “They need more training.”

And so it goes. Recently, Maryland Transit Administration police illegally detained a man for taking pictures at a train station, and their supervisors declare (yep), “The MTA acknowledges that additional training is in order.” However, the article adds that the ACLU says it has been working with the MTA for five years, but apparently those in power never get enough “training.”

So, the bait-and-switch process continues, and Americans always fall for it. P.T. Barnum was right. There IS a “sucker born every minute,” at least in this country.