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Article posted Aug 14 2014, 10:00 PM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: William Norman Grigg Print

"Outside Agitators" in Ferguson

William Norman Grigg

During a less-than-demanding interview with Fox News coiffure model Sean Hannity, Chief Thomas Jackson of the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department blamed “a lot of outside agitators” for the looting and other violence that has spun off from protests over the killing of Michael Brown. Neither Hannity nor Ferguson mentioned the role of influences outside of Ferguson or the State of Missouri in facilitating the hyper-aggressive violence of the town’s police department.

Ferguson is a town of about 21,000 people — two-thirds of whom are black — has an unremarkable violent crime rate (thefts are regrettably plentiful there) and — as the world has seen — a police department that has received the full panoply of military toys and battlefield-grade weapons.

Although it has been armed to the gills through the Pentagon’s 1033 program, the police department has no functional dashcams or body cameras to record “interactions” with the public; the department has received that hardware, but hasn’t gotten around to using it. It’s all a matter of priorities: Military-grade armaments and equipment can enhance officer safety, while video recorders can imperil the career security of abusive police officers. And as the treatment of journalists, both foreign and domestic, by Ferguson police demonstrates, police in that jurisdiction — as elsewhere — are very concerned about the threats posed by video recording devices in the hands of Mundanes.

Federal officials are not the only “outside” influences contributing to the militarization of the Ferguson PD. Three years ago, then-St. Louis County Police Chief Timothy Fitch was one of dozens of police officials who traveled to Israel on a training junket sponsored by the so-called Anti-Defamation League. While there, the officers were “briefed by senior members of the Israel National Police as well as officials from the Israel Defense Forces and Intelligence/Security organizations.”

Fitch pointed out that his police agency, whose jurisdiction includes Ferguson, “currently houses the St. Louis Terrorism Early Warning (TEW) group, which is the region’s fusion center serving the city of St. Louis and seven counties in Missouri and Illinois.”

A “fusion center” is a Homeland Security soviet that consolidates law enforcement, military, and intelligence operations. It serves as both a collection point and local control node for the Regime’s surveillance and internal security system. Fusion centers also play an important role in indoctrinating “local” police about domestic “threats” as identified by groups such as the ADL and the group calling itself the Southern Poverty Law Center. The notorious 2009 report identifying the “modern militia movement” as the leading “domestic terrorism” threat was the product of the Missouri Information Analysis Center, which operates through a fusion center in that state. More than fifty of those entities pockmark the American landscape like syphilitic sores.

Significantly, many of the Ferguson residents peacefully protesting the killing of Michael Brown have expressed contempt for the soi-disant Reverend Al Sharpton, whose presence is good and sufficient evidence that the powers behind the scenes have set the spin cycle to “race agitate.” Sharpton, as was recently revealed, is not merely an “outside agitator,” but also a federal snitch.

Now that the federalized “local” police in Ferguson have become a liability, the Feds have decided to cut out the middleman: The FBI has now been given operational command, which means that the city is now under tender care of the same agency responsible for the murders at Ruby Ridge and the holocaust at Mt. Carmel.

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Posted: Aug 15 2014, 7:10 AM

7630 If the local county sheriff had any, he would send the Feds packing. The sheriff is the only Constitutionally mandated leo in the area.

Posted: Aug 15 2014, 4:51 PM

8448 7630...wrong. When a police department shows themselves to be so inept and evil that they actually provoke violence, and cannot operate within the law it is the duty of the Feds to relieve them of their positions.

The cops there have shown themselves to be rogue. They don't seem to know the first thing about what is legal, have been badly trained, and are were out of control.

The outside agitator meme is pretty standard. It's been used pretty much always. The "subtle" message in such a crap statement is really "everyone here is happy with us, it's those damned outsiders that are rabble rousing" to try and pretend they are doing their jobs. They aren't.

I heard that stupid crap my whole life. It's just standard denial and has been used forever. It's the cops there that provoked the unrest, in the first place by their ham handed actions, and secondary in their idiotic, confrontational, provocation of the citizens.

The only good side of this is it has actually raised awareness of the terrible trend of police in many places to act as an occupying army. It wasn't always this way but as an adult of 57 it is easy to forget that many others have never known police that actually were there to serve and protect. I can remember it. Someone in their thirties never experienced when cops (even then there were bad ones but it was not systematic as it is today) actually acted humanely, and saw it as their duty to preserve the peace, but also treat citizens as human beings, with dignity whenever possible and opted first and foremost for non violent intervention.

We've come a long way, down the wrong path.

Posted: Aug 15 2014, 4:57 PM

8448 I would just seems perverse to me, but there is no shortage of authority worshipers that want to lick the boots that are on their throat as well.

All one has to do is imagine a society where people are treated decently, as free men all together, and where the minimum of violence is the best response. People respond better to being treated with dignity, not all, but most. There are hard cases, for sure, but there have always been hard cases. Cops today pretend that their safety is the only concern. If that was the case, maybe they shouldn't be cops. To shoot someone when you have other options is sick, depraved, and the fact is cops are safer than convenience store workers, and many other occupations.

The reality doesn't match their mindset.

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