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Article posted Jan 20 2014, 8:31 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: Police State USA Print

Cops Enjoy A Laugh After Harassing Man For Giving Homeless Man Change They Wrongly Thought Was Drugs

Police afterwards "said everything was a misunderstanding and that I was free to go ... they were laughing and everything."

HOUSTON, TX A charitable citizen discovered what a police state feels like when he was accosted by government agents, handcuffed, and searched with dogs after he stopped to give a homeless man some money.

Hes screaming. Hes yelling. Hes telling me to get out of the car. Hes telling me to put my hands on the hood, Greg Snider explained to KPRC-2 News.

Moments earlier at about 2:00 p.m. Snider had stopped in a parking lot and handed a panhandler seventy-five cents.

He said, Hey my name is Dave. Im from Dallas. Im down on my luck. Do you have any change, said Snider.

Snider obliged the homeless man and went on his way. Unbeknownst to him, he was being observed by one of the friendly local peace officers, who stalked him onto the interstate highway and pulled him over.

Snider put his blinkers on and pulled over for the officer.

He was immediately yelled at and berated.

As Snider was removed from his vehicle, put into handcuffs, and humiliated, he found out what had drawn the interest of his local government.

Theyre like, We saw you downtown. We saw what you did, Snider explained. They accused him of being a drug dealer.

I was like, Are you kidding me? I gave a homeless man 75 cents.

Officers laughed at him while drug-sniffing dogs tore through his car and he sat detained in handcuffs for an hour.

The canine search damaged his property and Snider found nothing funny about the encounter, so he filed a complaint, according to KPRC.

There is absolutely nothing unique about what happened to Greg Snider. This kind of behavior goes on in departments across the country. Such is the result of outlawing arbitrary plants and substances.

Prohibition of voluntary, peaceful exchanges is a fundamental violation of rights. It should not matter what the two individuals were exchanging in sight of the police officer. Money, plants, or otherwise; a peaceful exchange does not disrupt or endanger the public and should be of no concern to the police.

Drug prohibition opens the door for expansion of police powers and widespread harassment of the public. It should be obvious to everyone that there is no shortage of people getting bullied and brutalized who have nothing to do with drugs. It will continue so long as drug laws remain on the books.

Terrorizing innocent people is a side effect of prohibiting peaceful behaviors.
Police State USA is a volunteer, grassroots alternative media outlet dedicated to exposing the systemic formation of an American police state.

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Posted: Jan 20 2014, 1:23 PM

170213 san diego county sheriff said bthey have a right to fuck with the whole block because of one house on the block.get a life assholes

Posted: Jan 20 2014, 10:14 PM

98198 Snider should have NEVER spoken to police and he should have NEVER agreed to a search of his vehicle. He then could sue the city for false imprisonment and illegal search. As it stands, he's just another guy showing the world his ignorance of the law, while the police have a good laugh.

Posted: Jan 21 2014, 1:35 AM

@dougo, cops do have lives, only, they aren't allowed to live those lives, with freewill at the forefront.

Posted: Jan 21 2014, 5:58 AM

82145 @L.S. " cops do have lives, only, they aren't allowed to live those
lives, with freewill at the forefront."

We may no longer have freedom but we ALL have freewill ! we also have a conscience , no excuses please . Cops make a choice as to how they are going to interface with the taxpaying citizen , in my book attitude counts for a lot here , an officer enforcing a law , which I may not agree with , will , if he is respectful towards me , be met with the same attitude . Arguing with a cop will not change the law anyway . Arrogance , ignorance , brutality & shameful disrespect towards their true employers is a CHOICE !

Posted: Jan 21 2014, 10:35 AM

75145 The police had reasonable suspicion and had the right to detain him. Especially if they knew that specific homeless man as connected to drugs, which is not unlikely at all. They detained him, obtained his consent to search the car, did it, admitted that no drugs were found, and left. They did not arrest him, did not beat him, did not taze him, did not break the windows of his car, did not search the car without his permission, did not put him in jail for obstruction, resisting arrest and assault on officer by asking his question "are you kidding me" - which they all could do with impunity. Since he cooperated and consented to the search, the officers did not beat him for half an hour for non-cooperation, which would be totally justified by 12 our of 12 average folks, as we just learned couple of days ago. They also did not confiscate his car using civil forfeiture, which is yet another thing they might have done completely legally. Finally, they did not kill him out of fear for their lives they might have experienced in any second of the encounter, for any reason or without reason at all.

Really, Greg does not appreciate how lucky he came out of this incident.

Posted: Jan 21 2014, 1:14 PM

70209 Wonder how funny it'd be to beatdown a pig by mistake. Pigs are the enemy, WAKE THE F UP PEOPLE ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME TILL OPEN URBAN WARFARE. HOW LONG ARE YOUR GOING TO LIVE AS SLAVES TO THE PIG STATE?

Posted: Jan 21 2014, 2:18 PM

82145 @75145 , thats a pretty long-winded piece of sarcasm :-)
I read it and appreciated it !
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