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Article posted Dec 16 2013, 5:44 AM Category: Science/Technology Source: VOA News Print

Australia Plans Shark Kill to Protect Swimmers (Who Are Being Regularly Eaten Alive By Government-Protected Sharks)

How many people have already died because of their previous policies? This is multiple years too late. I guess it's hitting tax revenue so the sharks in their parliament can no longer feed their citizens to the sharks in the ocean. (See my article: 'Protected' Great White Shark Bites Young Man in Half)

This issue is a huge pet peeve of mine, sharks are wild animals that kill humans on the regular, yet the moron public and the parasite class demand they be "protected" and allowed to roam free, meanwhile their tax-slaves are farmed like cattle and locked in tiny cages or "culled" if they dare disobey the sharks that rule them.

Humans have the capacity to make things safer, that's why we kill wild beasts, spray against mosquitoes, and wash our food to get rid of bacteria. To suggest we should just let any creature kill as many humans as it wants because it's "a part of nature" or "the oceans are their domain" is the height of savage stupidity. The same garbage could have been said about the entire planet before humans terraformed it and molded it to suit their needs. (Of course, when it's the parasite class, it's not merely a suggestion, you'll be jailed, fined, or killed by the state if you try to proactively defend yourself against one of these wild beasts.)

If you really believe nature is some sort of perfect eco-system then go actually embed yourself in it, live in the dirt, drink unfiltered water filled with parasites, live in the sweltering heat or freezing cold without electricity, no technology, no computers, and be one with the animals -- some of which will incidentally rip your throat out to fulfill what's in *their* nature.

As to the specifics of this plan, it's more centrally planned government stupidity, the market, not the government should be solving this problem. - Chris
SYDNEY Following the deaths of two surfers in recent weeks, authorities in Western Australia have ordered hunters to catch and kill any sharks over three meters long.

There have been six fatal shark attacks in Western Australia in the past two years.

In response, the state government is creating safety zones around beaches in the city of Perth and along popular coastal regions to the south. Authorities say that sharks spotted in the designated areas will be considered to pose an imminent threat to swimmers and surfers and will be killed.

Commercial fishermen will be hired to hunt and kill sharks bigger than three meters in the zones, while baited hook lines will catch smaller specimens.

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Posted: Dec 16 2013, 7:29 AM

8750 Yeah, 'the market' has a perfect solution :
Catch all the sharks, cut of their fins and make shark-fin soup from them .
The mega-rich in China love it ..

I wonder : How many surfers drown each year ?
How many morons die climbing Mount Everest, jumping out from airplanes
or while they clean their handgun ?

If people are stupid enough to go look like a seal in shatk-infested waters :
Let them exercise their right to piss away their life !

Posted: Dec 16 2013, 9:20 AM

- The animals most in demand for human consumption have the most thriving populations.

- Less die than they used to thanks to human advancement and technological progress, in the face of the state and anti-progressives who want to see us return the stone age.

- So they can swim in shark infested waters, but they can't clean the waters up and swim without them, nor fence them off, nor fish them like practically every other species. Do you apply this to every spot on the earth? Or just oceans? If you do, how about where you live? Would you let bears roam free, poisonous snakes, mountain lions? Would you let black widows make their home in your basement, how about your bedroom? No, you wouldn't, yet when it's the ocean, which you have nothing to do with and evidently feel is solely animals' territory, you're against others doing the same.

As I said in my comment:

"If you really believe nature is some sort of perfect eco-system then go actually embed yourself in it, live in the dirt, drink unfiltered water filled with parasites, live in the sweltering heat or freezing cold without electricity, no technology, no computers, and be one with the animals -- some of which will incidentally rip your throat out to fulfill what's in *their* nature."

Until you do just that you're blowing smoke.

Posted: Dec 16 2013, 8:45 PM

193200 you cant help yourself can you chris... theres more chance of being killed driving to the beach than getting eaten by a shark .. yet you support wiping them out.
youre a moron.

if a shark attacks someone.. in a few hours it could be many many kilometeres away, a few days, hundreds..


you certainly havnt got any smarter in recent times
Marc: Rotorua N.Z.

Posted: Dec 16 2013, 11:53 PM

11893 Typical Australian reaction after seeing a New Zealand police officer, armed with a M4 Bushmaster rifle shoot at a great white pointer shark which killed swimmer Adam Strange off Muriwai Beach. He shot from a helicopter because there was a feeding frenzy going on and nobody could get close to Adam. I have no problem with this but the Aussie's will take it to extreme's like they do everything else.

Posted: Dec 17 2013, 2:08 AM

Nice that you'd compare it to roads, they too are government run death-traps.

Posted: Dec 17 2013, 2:13 AM

The chances of being killed by a wild cougar are also quite low, yet for some reason people kill them rather than have them eat their children:

(Of course, that too is now illegal in some socialist hell holes.)

Posted: Dec 17 2013, 5:50 AM

193200 well you gormless schmuck..

people kill more people than sharks... or roads.. or cougars together.. whats your answer to that then dipshit.. kill all the people that kill people i suppose..


Posted: Dec 17 2013, 6:15 AM

That's called committing murder, it's a crime everywhere.

Posted: Dec 17 2013, 6:17 AM

8750 Chris, YOU are the one trying to create a 'socialist hell-hole' in this case .
You want to take away peoples God-given right to behave like brain-dead morons !

Posted: Dec 17 2013, 6:37 AM

Peter, that's a non-response...

Posted: Dec 17 2013, 10:16 PM

193200 " That's called committing murder, it's a crime everywhere. "

its a crime because of government laws.. so its ok when it suits your argument. - what a wanker


Posted: Mar 10 2014, 2:21 PM

if you trust any government, you are a fool
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