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Analysis posted Dec 12 2013, 1:59 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: InformationLiberation Print

Police Brutally Slam 70-Yr-Old Woman To Ground, Intimidate Witness Filming

Chris | InformationLiberation

In this outrageous video out of Georgia a police officer is seen violently slamming a 70-year-old woman to the ground, then his fellow officer intimidates the man who filmed the incident.

From Nick James on YouTube:
A DUI arrest on a 72 year old women turns bad when Kevin Jones (badge #149) of the Glynn County police is trying to cuff the woman. She was taken down, and did not have her arms to break the force that Jones decided to use on her. The sound is the worst part. Both sides will need this footage, and it deserves to be put online for people to make their own judgement. Glynn County Police,157 Public Safety Blvd. Brunswick, GA

This event happened on 12/5/2013
The video is going viral on YouTube but it appears no articles have yet been written about it.

UPDATED (12/12/2013): Glynn County police investigating arrest
A Glynn County police officer has been placed on administrative duty during an internal affairs investigation of his conduct in a Dec. 5 arrest on St. Simons Island in which a woman was thrown to the ground, the police chief said.

[...]While Jones placed the woman against the back of his patrol car, “she gets very rigid and won’t cooperate,’’ [Police Chief Matt] Doering said.

The woman had already “clawed’’ Jones’ hand and again sunk her fingernails into his hand causing additional painful, lacerations that drew blood, Doering said.

In the dark, Jones wasn’t sure it was her nails so he acted to stop her assault, Doering said.

“He throws her to the ground to stop her from assaulting him and finish the arrest,’’ Doering said.

From Nick James on YouTube:
This is the full version. I walked up on the scene, so I only have what is recorded. At the time the police were trying to get in the car. The women pleaded her fifth amendment right. This was told to me by a witness watching before me. The police are trying to unlock the car door. I cut this out to make the video get down to what really happened. The force that was used is what we are debating. Kevin Jones did have small scratches on his hand. Surface scratches that bleed a little, but did not need more than antiseptic and wrapping. I have them treating him after on film. There was an ambulance and fire truck that came to the scene later. I will be posting it soon. From what a recently heard she was clawing at him. I will have the other video up soon.
UPDATED II: The officer is now back on the job and his police chief said he "acted reasonably."

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23 Year Officer

Posted: Dec 13 2013, 10:59 PM

763 Let's take a look at the severity of the crime. We have DUI with accident and possibly resisting arrest and/or battery on an officer at most. Secondly was the suspect an immediate threat to the officers or others, and third; was the suspect actively resisting or attempting to escape. A reasonable officer and his partner could have easily escorted the elderly female to the back of the patrol car and transported her to jail without incident. The suspect was intoxicated and verbally abusive, but the force applied was unreasonable considering the age of the suspect and the 3 prong test above. If this person was your grandmother, mother, sister, or wife who drank too much. I don't think anyone of us would think it would be OK to slammed their head into asphalt. The other officers also had a duty to intervene.

Posted: Dec 14 2013, 1:45 AM

173227 They deserve to be on camera every time they arrest someone to keep them from abusing ;people since they have the weapons. Hope the family sues them who were involved.

Posted: Dec 14 2013, 2:03 AM

172243 sue them on the federal level PRO SE as have fun wasting time trying to get that civil rights litgational lawyer.
WE HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES as the aclu etc is too busy dealing with the so called RIGHTS of illegals and crosses visible to the naked eye etc
PEOPLE WAKE UP and stop taking s_it from any of THEM out there .
be it theses bs social workers INTERFERING in stable families,unnecessary force,threats ,harassment etc from law enforcement---SUE THE S_IT OUTTA them and IT GETS DONE ON THE FEDERAL LEVEL.
sue THEM personally and THEN THE DEPT.
and God willing ENOUGH WAKE UP AND DEMAND THAT ACCESS to that level of court IS SIMPLIFIED and not costing 400bucks to simply FILE.

Posted: Dec 14 2013, 2:55 AM

71107 Ignorant clowns from an increasingly igonorant and violent nation. I saw a drunk man wearing a suit of dubious vintage, in Germany some years ago. He was talking to himself and stumbling aroud the sidewalk. What did the German cops do? They asked the man where he lived, and actually drove him to his house to sleep it off. This country is becoming spiritually sicker and sicker. Peace.

Posted: Dec 14 2013, 5:14 AM

7523 SCREW these Gestapo PIGS !!!!!!! Cops are supposed to show the public RESPECT. These F'ing THUGS with badges show this woman NO respect. They say a number of derogatory things about her, while she's in obvious PAIN !!! These PIGS are Sadists. A DISGRACE to law enforcement. And the cop who tells the guy taking video to "stop", but also says taking the video is NOT illegal ? WTF ?!?!? That A-HOLE cop needs to go thru his training again. Actually, these THUGS with badges should all be FIRED !!!!!!!!!

Posted: Dec 14 2013, 5:38 AM

82145 23yr officer
"A reasonable officer and his partner could
have easily escorted the elderly female to the back of the patrol car
and transported her to jail without incident. "
That right there is the problem my friend , reasonable officers are very thin on the ground these days & thats by design , I've read stories of gud cops forced out of the job because they didn't tow the party line , you know the kinda thing , ticket quotas / profiling blacks / officer corruption etc etc .
It (police violence) also seems to be condoned by at least a certain amount of the population ( posts above ) & as such will be allowed to continue .
One thing is for sure , it can't continue indefinitly as there will be a backlash at some point in time , then it'll be open-season on BOTH sides . I wish u luck in solving this "problem .

Posted: Dec 14 2013, 6:10 AM

24191 for all those defending the cops you're either the cop, a cop or a relative of one. remember this. the elites that you work for hate you even more then they hate us. and you may get away with this bs now. but karma is a itch that will get scratched. the police were never our servants. you now pay them to abuse, rape, deal drugs, harass, and kill YOU!! how's that for being mind controlled your whole life... want to change the scheme of it all. STOP PAYING TAXES to an illegal agency. and the screwillionaires will begin to lose.
Gold 2 bits

Posted: Dec 14 2013, 9:16 PM

17444 Please I don't want to hear about the woman allegedly being drunk. Considering Police Officers are more likely to drive drunk when we catch one that does going by police apologists logic the taxpayers should slam their heads against the blacktop.

Posted: Dec 16 2013, 5:38 PM

18443 quoting these posts:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Anonymous Posted: Dec 13 2013, 3:48 AM 66190
The woman is a piece of shit for driving drunk... so treat her like a piece of shit. Drunk drivers kill people! Drunk drivers don't care about any body or any thing! Drunk Drivers don't even care about themselves. The police officer was in his full legal right to depose the man filming the crime scene. It's a Crime Scene! Police are required to gather evidence at a CRIME SCENE! I hope the D A subpoenas the camera and the individual operating it. I have to wonder which Bible verse will be quoted or which curse will be cast when a drunk driver kills somebody you love?! What should the cops have done, put bag over her head and tazed her??? Or maybe just given her a warning and let her go??? huh???

Anonymous Posted: Dec 13 2013, 9:45 AM 65127
So show me more evidence of brutality. I fail to see a problem if she is drunk , causing cuts to the officers arm. Could be she is one of those alcoholic, dysfunctional sovereign citizens but only time and the follow up investigation will prove the facts either way.

Anonymous Posted: Dec 13 2013, 9:52 PM 72238
Drunk cunt deserves everything she got and then some.

Anonymous Posted: Dec 13 2013, 9:56 PM 72238
I suppose if she killed somebody instead of just ramming into the back of them, that would be ok? She deserves everything she got, drunk driving cunt.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

what you all have just said is that the cop on the scene investigating, according to you, should take all the action of judge, jury, and executioner, and mete out punishment right then and there without knowing all the facts.

does a drunk driver deserve to get in a one-car wreck that slams their face into their windshield? instead of doing same to some innocent victim? possibly so, i'm not defending drunk driving,

but WHO is it that should cause this kind of harm to the drunk driver? who, and when, and in what manner, should "punishment" be meted out?

according to you quoted above - you want every cop to be Judge Dredd.

i can't wait for your words to burn in your ears as a criminal with a badge cracks your eye socket on concrete, and you get forcibly cavity searched and forcibly drugged in a jail cell, left lying cold and naked and being videotaped in that cell, all before you get to speak to a lawyer or be judged by a jury of your peers, and noone stands up for you. (googl Hope Steffey). your time is coming, this will either happen to you on earth or it will happen in your little cube in hell (google NDE Bryan Melvin).

we were supposed to have a legal system that gave every person a fair chance to defend in court, and then accept the jury's decision upon them.


Posted: Dec 17 2013, 1:43 AM

pasting notes from this article:

- - - -

1.) Police Chief Matt Doering said Glynn County officer Kevin Jones "acted reasonably"

2.) Jones is now back on the job and was apparently not disciplined for his role in the altercation.

3.) Retired FBI Agent, Ron Wirth told WTEV that he suspects the video could be somewhat misleading.
"I find it difficult to believe that an officer would sling someone to the ground," Wirth said. "I got a feeling the movement got out of control and she ends up on the ground."

- - - -

i find it difficult to believe anyone who had a lifelong job in the fbi claims to not know what a classic Judo hip-toss looks like. wirth LIES.

so this is what you face, people:
- cops do heinous things to you
- their bosses support their horrid acts
- other high-level cops from other organizations who frequently are paid to speak to the msm, concur and support the heinous act
- nothing will ever be done, because we let the coyote guard the henhouse.
- the "system" is simply a fking lie; more people need to realize this, admit this.

there are a lot of righteous men who are chomping at the bit for wrol;
there are also a lot of demons in hell who can't wait for the deaths of bad men like these.
they don't yet fear God, they will regret that.


Posted: Dec 12 2014, 7:13 AM

9871 officers on Avenging Crusade lynch another suspect, mistake says mayor admits wrong man slain,but won't do anything about it. Glynn county refuses to open an investigation for fear of reprisals, police already murdered killed the wrong man when they slew willie bryan according to statement by mayor R.A. Young wedsday police already murdered George grant a few moments after he was placed in jail.
Sept 20,1930/1933

Posted: Dec 12 2014, 7:24 AM

9871 Mayor R.A.Young issued a statement that Bryan was perfectly innocent of any participation in shooting affray in which Robert Freeman white Glynn county chief of police met his death but not effort will be made to reprimand or bring guilty officers to trial, Plaques were placed on wall of glynn county sheriffs office lobby to honor officers with questionable pasts,Officer Godwin becomes chief and Krauss assistant chief. three years later the chief was indicted for taking a bribe.
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