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Article posted Jul 06 2013, 1:36 AM Category: Tyranny/Police State Source: YouTube Print

4th of July DUI Checkpoint - Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, Rights Taken Away, while Innocent

What Reasonable Person WOULDN'T Avoid the Cops?
"Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy AJ Ross orders me to pull over and get out of my car, bullies me around, gets the drug sniffing K-9, lies about me having “Illegal Drugs” in the car, searches without consent, and tells me that it is ok to take away my freedom. All while not being detained. All this harassment because my window was not lowered enough to his preference. I broke no laws whatsoever. All of this on a day that we are supposed to be celebrating freedom and liberty. This checkpoint was in Murfreesboro, TN. At the end of the encounter, the officer did not want to give me his name when I asked him. After I repeatedly asked him, he finally gave it to me."

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Posted: Jul 06 2013, 3:08 AM

"All of this on a day that we are supposed to celebrating freedom and liberty."
Sorry, I can't stop laughing at that^ line. Perhaps, he should have been celebrating slavery and tyranny.....

"DUI" has lots of acronyms - Spanish is really 'similar' to English, especially, if you've set yourself to read it; one might run across a parallel meaning, that could translate to this article.....

My comment for this article is: really? If they keep f*ing their own, isn't that Bad for Business?

I tried to play along with players, momentarily... But, I couldn't 'get with program,' so to speak. I don't think I've called so many people "f*ckwits," so many times, in one day. I then realized, that all people have to do, is stand back, and watch them destroy themselves. The (CON)trollers fight constantly, about everything; backstab one another, bark-out contradictory orders, then, they rely on the "dogs" (police) to clean up their messes. I'm glad the police don't run the show - they are far more adept, (though, I despise them all the same).
Protecting the matrix....what bull-shit. How many robo-cops even realize, that all they're covering for, is a giant computer and a bunch of insane psychopaths? A)bsolute K)nowing, P)ure R)eason, - they would having us believing in lots of numbers and "O's", if they could. They even have a 17stormy17 ([youtube <that name] 88 storm-troops belong to Reich) proclaiming he's receiving revelations from their Christ: the "O"ccult is everywhere! Be complacent! Be a slave! Yup, all b/s.
a name goes here

Posted: Jul 06 2013, 7:15 PM

99169 You have to chant U.S.A. as you are stopped and groped.

Posted: Jul 08 2013, 12:07 AM

67161 I did a google search on Rutherford County Sheriff and called the first number. My bad as that is for North Carolina. The person who answered the phone was very polite and let me know that this video is not related to Rutherford NC.

Now I can't find the number to the Rutherford Tennessee office.

Please post if you find.

Posted: Jul 09 2013, 4:23 AM

@nonymous 67161, the phone # is likely: 666 / 999.
Interesting. You're comment suggests that this article is a con. Comments such as yours, often get deleted, but, there are "exceptions."

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