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Article posted Feb 24 2013, 2:59 PM Category: Big Brother/Orwellian Source: TorrentFreak Print

"Six Strikes" Anti-Piracy Scheme Starts Monday

by Ernesto

The much-discussed U.S. six strikes anti-piracy scheme is expected to go live on Monday. The start date hasn’t been announced officially by the CCI but a source close to the scheme confirmed the plans. During the coming months millions of BitTorrent users will be actively monitored by copyright holders. After repeated warnings, Internet subscribers risk a heavy reduction in download speeds and temporary browsing restrictions.

During the summer of 2011 the MPAA and RIAA teamed up with five major Internet providers in the United States, announcing their a plan to warn and "punish" BitTorrent pirates.

The parties launched the Center for Copyright Information (CCI) and agreed on a system through which Internet account holders will be warned if their connections are used to commit copyright infringement. After five or six warnings ISPs may then take a variety of repressive measures.

Initially the first ISPs were expected to send out the first "copyright alerts" by the end of 2011, but for reasons unknown this deadline silently passed, as did the revised July 2012 and the December 2012 start dates.

But it appears that the wait is over now.

TorrentFreak learned from a source close to CCI that the system is currently scheduled to launch early next week, and we’re not the only ones. Another sign of the start of the program is that a few days ago the CCI launched their new website. This is where recipients of the copyright alerts will be directed to.

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Posted: Feb 24 2013, 5:51 PM

the way i see it, those companies have no right to "punish" anyone.
it would be foolish of them to try, considering.....

there are cops who are being "punished" for no reason at all. i don't know if they realize they are playing a game that is over, but, someone should tell them. if they are still alive, (real-life) then, they've made it through, now it's up to them; freedom or, slavery.

i've looked at the fake-believe monsters, and i know that they are cowards; hiding behind lots more cowards. those kinds of cowards would rather kill cops, than to set them free. everyone is afraid of something which would never want to see them hurt. why is this?

i've talked to soldiers and they've told me that when you fight a war, it doesn't matter if you believe in that war - but, you fight for person standing next to you. everyone has someone standing next to them, except the ones who make the wars. why not let the war makers take this up with each other, and let the soldiers help the people standing next to them?

the internet is limited to what they can control. they can slow down what ever they'd like, but people can live without the internet. then what? that's a loss of control for the controllers.

it's odd to me that people want power over others, i don't understand that want. i'm not supposed to though, which is the reason i know why i can't just slaughter the paradigm and walk away; people will be hurt (not that those people don't deserve to be hurt,) i'm not God to decide that.

i can though and i will, leave them subject to their cowardly gods rule, since they are afraid of freedom. this is their system of judgement, executions, and insanity. though that system is essentially busted.

the new rules are play now, which means anyone playing by them, can't and WON'T be subject to the old rules. if they are killed, judged, tortured or hurt by the old system, i can't stop what will happen to the 5 point paradigm.

so cops, all you have to do is ask that 1 God for help and you'll be free. there are lots people who will also need help and i know those people will be grateful. i'm praying for all you.

casey, betty, 62511....whatever your number is..... i can be like you, so you had better be careful what you are willing to say to me. i don't need the internet nor the cowards paradigm to destroy you. in fact, i can just pray on it, and your kind will do it for me - they have no choice.
love and freedom is my aim, and that can only come from 1 God.

now, the tax system is over, stop whipping the people or you'll find yourselves in much bigger mess than you had ever imagined. controllers.....i would start dumping lots of your stolen wealth back upon the people.

the gun laws/nonsense laws, there's no need to "fix" anything there. people aren't going to run about killing each other for helping the poor. as for your silly drugs and crop dusting - that's on you. those are products of the old system, which means if even1 person, who has given their heart over to the mighty 1 God, so-happens to die because of them..... well, you know the rules.

cops, i love you too, and there is a place enough for all of you, should you choose, in the new system.

the gay/pretending not to be gay controller, seriously? have i ever been mean to gay people? nope.

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