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Article posted May 08 2011, 7:34 PM Category: Big Brother/Orwellian Source: JacobJester Print

TSA Agents Pat Down Baby (To Keep America Safe)

@jacobjester - Just saw #tsa agents patting down a little baby at @KCIAirport Pretty sure that's extreme. Check the pic.

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Posted: May 09 2011, 4:17 PM

2464 What's the problem here? I get the feeling that some people just like to complain.

The agents probably don't think the kid is a smuggler himself... but people try to hide weapons and drugs - that's a fact. Whether someone is trying to smuggle that stuff in a suitcase, or on a person, it's the agents' job to find it. Get rid of the TSA agents if you don't like it - don't rip on them for doing their job.

Or better yet, have the option of choosing airports with security or going to an airport without security. My family and I will choose the first.

Michael Todd

Posted: May 09 2011, 4:38 PM

7242 @Chad - When was the last time you heard of such a thing? It's never been reported, that I am aware of, someone hiding weapons on their child to get on an aircraft. Never. Are you kidding me?? What's the problem here is the correct question. But I think you directed it the wrong direction though...note the smiles on their faces. It's like a big joke to them. Sorry not laughing here.
Nicholas Scott Laznovsky

Posted: May 10 2011, 12:00 AM

72178 here on the border drug smugglers hide drugs in babies clothing and in their bottles. I agree TSA is doing their job, keeping our skies safe, just how border patrol and customs do here. Im 19 by he way
Michael Todd

Posted: May 10 2011, 12:02 AM

2464 No Michael I am not kidding you - are you kidding me? Do you believe that there are terrorists and drug runners in the world? Maybe there isn't. Maybe all those reports are merely the government's propaganda to get us to give up our rights.

But if there are people like that, it would be incredulous to believe that someone who has no respect for life, or at least for the laws of the land - WOULDN"T hide contraband on a child. What would stop them, their word of honor? Their keen sense of right and wrong?

There's naive and then there's naive. It wouldn't even take a lot of imagination on the part of a dumb civil servant to make the connection that if criminals are trying to hide things on pregnant ladys and grandmothers, or in shoes to avoid detection - that they wouldn't try to put it in a baby's diaper - a place that provides both room to hide something, and a natural deterrent against searches.

As for your interpretation of the smiles on their faces, I guess this is another evidence that I live on another planet than the majority of people like you who comment on this crap. You see people abusing their power and treating it like it's a big joke. I see, two human beings who are doing the job that is expected of them but doing it with a touch of humanity. I mean come on, they're dealing with a little kid... the look on their faces is the look that normal people are supposed to get when dealing with kids. Have you ever spent any time around doctors or nurses at a childrens' hospital? Were you offended then by the "big joke"?

If they were standing there like a couple of scary, expressionless government robots, I would have more of a problem with it - but I bet they are both parents or grandparents themselves. The mom looks to me like she is smiling too.

Posted: May 10 2011, 12:12 AM

2464 Sorry that last comment was written by Chad (directed to Micheal Todd) - I'm not sure why it said it was written by Michael Todd.

And further to that comment. Are you suggesting that the TSA has to wait for someone to use a child to carry a weapon on a plane before they are allowed to start screening for it?

Actually from you comment it seems like you believe that Michael Todd should first be made personally aware of such an attempt before the TSA would be permitted to start screening for it.

Just wait for something to happen. The exact same people who are complaining about the TSA now, will be the ones complaining about them then and demanding to know why they didn't stop them.

Like I said, some people just like to complain.
Michael Todd

Posted: May 10 2011, 12:49 AM

7242 I'm saying that 9/11 was an inside job and the people trying to tell you a terrorist threat is something you need to worry about when you fly is a lie. We've never been attacked from an outside threat on a commercial airliner. The shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, and even the Ft. Hood shooting all happened under the controlled supervision of the CIA and it's assets. The people in power want you, and everyone else, to think this is making you safe. It's a sad day in America when Chuck Schumer and our vice president, both guilty of ignoring heat signature video footage and saying that anyone who thinks the F.B.I. fired a shot during the siege at Waco, Texas in 1992 is accusing great men of a terrible thing, can be in a position of power to change our freedoms into a thing called an oppressive police state. This is all to keep you safe....just like the lie "this is not an assault...come out with you hands up and you will be arrested....this is not an assault!!"....while tanks pump the building with CS gas and the F.B.I. fires incendiary rounds into the building lighting the CS gas and turning everything into a fireball. Then they shoot into the ONLY EXITS out of the flaming building. MURDERERS are leading our nation down into a hell hole. Wake up!! They do not wish to keep you safe. It's all a lie. Watch the film Waco - Rules of Engagement to start a journey into reality. Learn the truth about "our government". I woke up in 1992 after witnessing the American people ignore the truth. Not much has changed since then. Cognitive Dissidence is what they call it....WAKE UP!!

Posted: May 10 2011, 1:20 AM

2464 @ Michael

I liked that last post. And actually agreed with a lot of it. 9/11 and WTC 7 are what really got me asking questions, but I still don't think that means that there is no one out there who wants to take a weapon or smuggle drugs on a plane.

Even if you believe that our government doesn't care about us - if there was such a thing as a good government, it would have the responsibility to protect us against those dangers. I think that such a government would be duty-bound to keep criminals from bringing drugs into the country from abroad or from harming its citizens.

I am a traveler, a father, and a tax payer - and I think that the measures the TSA are taking, are exactly what a "good" government should be doing. Even if it is true that our government isn't good - a concept which I have a hard time believing. Government isn't a "thing" - it is a collection of people. None of them perfect, granted, but people like you and me just the same. I know a lot of cops and military service men and women and they are not the evil robots that this site makes them out to be. I'm pretty sure that they are not all keeping the secret about their ulterior motive to destroy the world.

The majority of the ones that I know have chosen to go into the military or law enforcement for one prevailing reason - they individually can't abide the fact of someone who is strong picking on someone who is weak. You read this site and people make the cops out to be the bullies. But the cops are actually our siblings and our parents and if there's one thing they hate above all others - it's a bully. Just my experience - but I seem to live on a different planet than a lot of people here do.

Posted: May 10 2011, 3:40 AM

76238 the next step will be full rectal exams. so, if you don't have a problem with babies being felt up, you shouldn't mind someone's fist up your ass! but i guess by now most people are depraved enough to enjoy that too... sick freaks...

Posted: May 10 2011, 5:05 AM

675 “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security” -Benjamin Franklin

Posted: Jun 09 2011, 11:32 PM

76178 Its so easy to pick on civilian (unarmed) government workers who have a job to do. They are trying to make traveling safe for people and unfortunately because every day people find ways to actually smuggle drugs guns and weapons on a plane they have to alter the screening procedures. The amount of bullshit people post about TSA employees is excessive and necessary. Some people applied with TSA because they couldn't find work because of layoffs. They are everyday people having to do a tedious job dealing with passengers and looking for prohibited items. Some passengers are understanding others give them a hard time, but they keep their cool. The FALSE rumors and stories are also unnecessary. Some of the time epically now, people are testing TSA, trying to sneak in with prohibited items, or trying to get into secure areas without a ID and boarding pass. They're adding fuel to the fire.
You're constitutional rights are not being violated. You are free, more free here in the US than other countries. This is the only country where you whether on the left or right can express your opinions, protest, march, and be orderly about it without the military shooting you down.
There is no New World Order. The military isn't in the streets holding a curfew, martial law, police state. Open your eyes people, you are free. Its understandable if you don't like the policies. Then find another source of transportation. Just don't buy into the nonsense of conspiracy theories. you have a strong government backing you up, no matter what your ideals are. This country is free.
Calling these government employees blue shirt nazis and pervs and sickos is just ignorant. They have families and they have bills to pay and are normal as anyone else. There are so many cynical assholes out there spewing shit. Don't fall for that and become one of them. It might be your freedom but you have to have some kind of respect for yourself as well i would think.
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