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Article posted Oct 04 2010, 9:56 PM Category: Brave New World Source: Kens 5 Print

To save money BexarMet stops adding fluoride to water

"BexarMet provides water for more than 90,000 customers in and around the county but will soon no longer provide water with added fluoride.... Adding it into its system this year would cost $110,000."

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Posted: Oct 05 2010, 12:34 AM

7616 Fluoride was used as rat poison in the 30's. It causes cancer, tumors, lowers IQ, makes bones brittle, and has no benefit wen taken internally(only risk). The guy complaining is clueless(to much fluoride). Read your toothpaste" DO NOT SWALLOW". It is also used in many antidepressants. It was used in Russian gulags, and Nazi concentration camps. Most countries that fluoridated in the past, have stopped, due to dangers. I'm sure they'll be replacing it with lithium. We can't have aware voters now can we. After 1 year of drinking fluoride, you are no longer the person you were. No wounder there is so much mental illness. Big Pharma, and Big Oil win, by increasing your fluoride, or adding lithium, when you can't cope. Fluoride used in water is toxic waste, from making fertilizer from petroleum, and is often contaminated with heavy metals. DRINK UP FOOLS!!!

Posted: Oct 05 2010, 1:58 AM

9952 This news clip is perhaps one of the best examples of "propaganda"

They give you only one side of the story and fail to mention there are many studies (much more recent than the ones they mention) that show fluoride causes bone cancer and all kinds of other goodies.

It is hilarious how all of the various water quality reports focus so much on the importance of little to no lead and other toxins in your water yet they PURPOSELY add another type of poison to your water.

Resist this poison to your death!

Long live the republic! Death to the NWO!

Posted: Oct 05 2010, 10:31 AM

98247 Distill your water to remove the fluoride. There's a lot of (likely intentional) disinformation about how to remove fluoride from water, and what works best. Don't be fooled -- DISTILLATION is the cheapest way, and it's also the easiest way.

Do not waste your time and money buying filtration systems that remove only a fraction of the fluoride and require the replacement of expensive filters. What better way to turn people off to the idea of removing fluoride from their water?

Waterwise is the company I recommend purchasing a water distiller from. I do not work for them. I am a satisifed customer.

Posted: Oct 05 2010, 10:39 AM

98247 Here is the email address of the dentist quoted in the article --

His web site is at --

Email him and send him hard, objective research to educate him on the facts.

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